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Basketball's My Favorite Sport

Basketball's my favorite sport.

I dribble up and down the court.

The ball goes bouncing off my toes

and beans the teacher on the nose.


He stumbles back and grabs his nose

and hits the wall and down he goes.

The other players stop and stare.

They've never heard the teacher swear.


With no one playing anymore.

I grab the ball. I shoot. I score.

I love this game! It's so much fun.

The teacher cried, but, hey--we won.


--Kenn Nesbitt




I Played a Game

I played a game.

I rode my bike.

I had a snack.

I took a hike.

I read a book.

I watched T.V.

I built a fort.

I climbed a tree.

I surfed the web.

I played guitar.

I caught a bug

inside a jar.

I called my friends.

I dug a hole.

I kicked a ball.

I scored a goal.

I had a swim.

I learned to skate.

I played with toys.

I stayed up late.

It's fair to say

I do like school,

but even more, though,

weekends rule!


--Kenn Nesbitt




My Bunny Lies Over My Doggy

(sung to the tune of "My Bonnie Is Over the Ocean")


My pets were out practicing football.

My frog intercepted a pass.

My cat and my dog and my bunny

then tackled him flat on the grass.


My bunny lies over my doggy.

My doggie's on top of my cat.

My kitty is over my froggy,

and that's why my froggy is flat.



Green splat. Green splat.

Oh, that's why my froggy is flat, like that.

Green splat. Green splat.

Oh, that's why my froggy is flat.


My froggy's as flat as a pancake.

A paper-thin froggy's the worst.

He cannot eat flies now for dinner

except when I flatten them first.




If you see your pets playing football,

it's best if you bring them inside

or you may end up with a froggy

who's flattened and seven feet wide.




--Kenn Nesbitt





I am a skateboard

Flying through the air.

Doing anything because

I don't really care.

Flipping and grinding

With all my might.

Once I catch some air,

I know I'm in flight.

Spinning and twisting

With my natural-born flair.

Swirling like the blade

That is cutting my hair.

Being watched by my fans,

While doing my best.

With the sweat running down my chest,

I know in my heart

I'm better than the rest.

But I have to confess

Why I am the best?

It is the heart that my God gave me

Planted in my chest.




Macho Pursuit

By Patrick Winstanley


Sliding, slipping, gliding, tripping

If ice skating's too exhilarating

Try cake icing, it's quite exciting

Slapping, slopping, frosted topping.




Time's Up

By Patrick Winstanley


To my chest my

Hands I clasp

I deeply breathe

I wheeze and gasp

My temples throb

My mouth is dry

My heart beats fast

I’m going to die

My voice has gone

My throat is sore

My hands both shake

I can take no more

I lay my head

Upon my knee

Now blow the whistle





Fun and Games

By Patrick Winstanley


It's too rainy for rugby,

Too foggy for football.

It's too icy for hockey,

There'll be no games at all?

Not so. Come hail and tempest,

The master of cunning

Will, with a sly smile, suggest

Some cross country running.


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