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The Seasons

(III класс)


Этот вечер рекомендуется провести в конце второй четверти (перед Новым годом). Учащиеся, которые получили роли месяцев, могут сделать себе костюмы из марли или креповой бумаги. У весенних и летних месяцев костюмы зеленого цвета, а на головах венки из искусственных цветов. У Сентября костюм зеленый, но на нем несколько аппликаций яблок и груш, нарисованных на бумаге. У Октября — на желтом фоне костюма несколько коричневых и красных листьев. Ноябрь — в коричневом или сером костюме. Дети, исполняющие роли зимних месяцев, одеты в белые костюмы, отделанные висящими на ниточках шариками из ваты. У Ветра на шляпе и плаще узкие полоски серой бумаги. Дед Мороз одет в белый халат и красную шапочку. Борода его сделана из ваты. За плечами у него мешок с подарками. На груди Нового Года большой календарь. В руках — колокольчик, в который он звонит.

За две-три недели до вечера из класса выбираются «оформители». Задача их — сделать искусственные цветы и листья для украшения зала и костюмов, написать названия всех месяцев на отдельных листках бумаги, нарисовать большой календарь для Нового Года.

За две недели до вечера даются следующие задания всем учащимся: повторить устную тему "Seasons", написать сочинение и нарисовать картины на эту тему, придумать мимические сценки для разгадывания их другой командой.


Compere: Good morning everybody! Today we're going to speak about the seasons of the year. Listen to the rhyme. Will you say which season the boy is telling you about?

Воу: This is the season

When snowdrops bloom,

When nobody likes

To stay in the room.

This is the season

When birds make their nests.

This is the season

We all like best.

Compere: What season is it? Children: It is spring.

Мальчик уходит со сцены.

Compere: Come here, March, April and May and two more children, a boy and a girl.

На сцену выходят 3 ученика в костюмах весенних месяцев, мальчик и девочка. На груди месяцев прикреплены карточки с соответствующими названиями: March, April, May. Girl: Pass the happy news along,

Listen to the birds' sweet songs: Spring is coming, winter's gone! Pass the happy news along.

Воу: The birds are returning, Their songs fill the air And meadows are smiling With blossoms so fair.

Girl and Boy: I'm happy, I'm happy! I sing all day,

It's spring, it's spring again.

March: In the spring, in the spring

Sweet and fresh is everything.

April: April weather,

Rain and sunshine both together.

May: In the spring, in the spring

Sweet and fresh is everything.

Girl: In the merry month of May All the little birds are gay. They hop about and sing and say: "Winter days are far away, Welcome, welcome, merry May."

Boy: In the merry month of May All the little flowers are gay. They dance in the wind and say: "Winter days are far away, Welcome, welcome, merry May."

May: In the merry month of May

Children all are happy and gay.

They laugh and sing and say:

"Winter days are far away,

Welcome, welcome, merry May."

Boy: The days are clear,

Day after day.

When April is here,

Then soon comes May,

And June Must follow soon:

Come, June, come!

Girl: In winter I can ski and skate.

Compere: Says little Kate.

Boy: In summer I can go and swim.

Compere: Says little Jim.

And what do you do in spring?

Girl and Boy: In spring we play and sing.

Весенние месяцы, мальчик и девочка уходят со сцены.

Compere: And what season is this? Try to guess.

This is the season when nights are short

And children have plenty of fun and sport.

Boating and swimming all day long

Will make us well and strong.

Children: It's summer.

Compere: That's right. Now I want the summer months and one boy and one girl to come up to me.

Летние месяцы, мальчик и девочка выходят на сцену.

Girl: The sun is shining,

Flowers are blooming;

The sky is blue,

And rains are few.

Boy: Without my shoes,

Without my socks

My feet touch grass,

My feet touch rocks.

June: Come, my children, come away,

For the sun shines bright today.

Little children, come with me,

Birds and trees and flowers to see.

July: Get your hats and come away.

For it is a pleasant day.

August: Let us make a merry ring,

Talk and laugh, and dance and sing!

Quickly, quickly, come away,

For it is a pleasant day.

Летние месяцы, мальчик и девочка берутся за руки и танцуют.

All together: We like flowers that are bright,

We like flowers that are white,

We like flowers that are blue,

We like red and yellow flowers too.

Все участники вечера поют песню.


Песня повторяется два раза.


When Woods Are Green

When woods are green and groves are fair,

And leaves are large and long,

It's good to wander through the woods

And hear the small bird's song.

It's good to wander through the woods

And hear the small bird's song.


Boy: Summer is here and the days are long;

Girl: And the sun shines bright and strong.

Boy: Rain, rain, go away!

Girl: Bob and Sally want to play.

June: For the field and for the wood

Summer rains are very good!

July: Every river, every pool

After rain is always full.

August: Rain in summer sings a song —

There'll be apples all year long.

Летние месяцы, мальчик и девочка уходят.

Compere: Now we come to autumn.

September, October and November, come up here.

На сцене появляются осенние месяцы.

Compere: There are twelve months throughout the year,

From January to December —

The finest month of all the twelve

Is the merry month September.

September: Autumn is the season

When apples are sweet.

It is the season

When school-friends meet;

When, noisy and gay,

And browned by the sun,

With their books and bags,

To school they run.

October: "Come little leaves," said the wind one day,

"Come over the meadows with me and play,

Put on your dresses of red and gold,

For summer is gone and the days are cold."

November: Dancing and whirling the little leaves went;

Winter called them, and they were content,

Soon, fast asleep in their earthy beds,

The snow laid a coverlet over their heads.

Compere: Is autumn a rainy season?

Children: Yes, it often is.

Выходят мальчик и девочка.

Boy: What a rainy season!

The sky is dark and grey;

No sunshine any more;

No playing out of doors.

Girl (with a book): But in the rainy season

I have other joys,

I read my books and play

At home with all my toys.

Compere: Which is the coldest season?

Children: It is winter.

Compere: Let us talk about winter.

You are welcome, winter months, and one boy and one girl.

Осенние месяцы, мальчик и девочка уходят. На сцену выходят зимние месяцы и другие мальчик и девочка.

December: This is the season

When children ski,

And old Father Frost

Brings the New Year tree.

January: The windows are blue at night,

But in the morning they are white,

And snowflakes are falling.

"Come out," they are calling.

February: Get out of bed and take your sled

This cold and frosty day;

The sun is bright, the snow is right

For outdoor winter play.

Boy: Where is my cap?

My warm little cap?

My boots and my mittens too?

I want to go and play in the snow

And have a lot of fun. Do you?

Girl: When windows are frosty and icy in places,

I like to write letters and draw funny faces.

Winter Months: The snow is falling, the north wind is blowing;

The ground is white all day and all night.

На сцене появляется мальчик, изображающий ветер, а также девочки в костюмах снежинок.

Wind: Little snowflakes, come and play,

I have nothing to do today.

Снежинки начинают танцевать.

Snowflakes: Here we come! Oh, what fun!

We are dancing and floating in the sun. Все поют песню "Snowflakes".



Snowflakes fall on trees and walk.

Snowflakes fall as white as chalk.

Snowflakes fall into my hand.

Snowflakes brighten up our land.


December: See the pretty snowflakes

Falling from the sky:

On the wall and house-tops,

Soft and thick they lie.

January: On the window-ledges,

On the branches bare,

See how fast they gather,

Filling all the air.

February: Now the bare black bushes

All look soft and white;

See the snowflakes falling:

What a pretty sight!

All together: Don't forget the birdies

Now that winter comes;

Think, they may be hungry,

Throw them out your crumbs.

Wind: Come on, snowflakes, come with me.

There are many things to see.

Snowflakes: Come on, sisters, back we go

To where the ground is white with snow.

Снежинки, танцуя, убегают. За сценой слышны голоса Деда Мороза и Нового Года.

Father Frost and the New Year: May we come in?

Winter Months: Yes, do! You're welcome! We're all glad to meet you.

Входит Новый Год с колокольчиком, которым он все время звенит. За ним идет Дед Мороз, за плечами у него мешок, на груди календарь. Все, кто на сцене, подходят к ним.

Nеw Year: Let's sing a song about the seasons of the year.

All together: Oh, yes! Let's sing.

Все участники вечера начинают петь песенку "Seasons".




Winter is white,

Springtime is green,

Summer is golden

And autumn's a flame.

Four lovely seasons

To make up a year,

Sing them by colour

And sing them by name.


 Все уходят со сцены.

Compere: Now, boys and girls! Stand up. Let's do some exercises.

Все встают. Ведущий говорит рифмованные команды; учащиеся выполняют их на местах, а один из учеников — стоя на сцене.

Hands on your hips,

Hands on your knees,

Put them behind you,

If you please.

Touch your shoulders,

Touch your nose,

Touch your ears,

Touch your toes.

Raise your hands

High up in the air;

To the sides;

On your hair.

Raise your hands

As before,

While we clap:

One, two, three, four.


На сцену выходят двое ребят.

Compere: That's fine. Sit down, boys and girls, and let's see who'll give the best answers to the questions. These pupils will ask you.

1st Pupil: What season is it now? What season was it before winter came? What season comes after winter? What season do you like best? Why do you like ... best? Is it raining now? When does it often snow? Is there a lot of snow on the roofs of the houses or only a little?

2nd Pupil: What colour is the sky today? Is it cloudy or isn't? Is the sun shining or isn't? What's the temperature today? Is the weather fine today or is it bad? Why do you think so? What holidays are there in winter? How do you spend them?

Compere: Now, dear boys and girls, I'd like four pupils from each team to come here. Now each of you take a picture you like and describe it. I give you three minutes to think about what you will say.

Вызванные учащиеся выбирают по картинке и готовятся несколько минут, чтобы выполнить задание.

Пока учащиеся готовятся к описанию, учитель отбирает по одному капитану из каждой команды, по 10 болельщиков и проводит игру "Seasons". Каждый из болельщиков задумывает одно слово на тему «Времена года». Все эти слова записываются учителем на листке бумаги (чтобы учащиеся не изменили вдруг задуманного слова). Капитаны становятся на большом расстоянии друг от друга. Каждый капитан имеет право сказать 10 предложений на тему «Времена года». Например, первый капитан говорит: Autumn comes before winter. Sometimes it is cold in autumn. There are few flowers. The leaves on the trees are yellow and red. Only fir-trees are green in autumn. The grass in October is yellow. It often rains. The sky is cloudy. The sun does not shine. The wind is cold. Children have their warm coats on. Как только он называет предложение, в котором содержится задуманное слово, ученик, который задумал это слово, становится рядом с ним. Потом говорит 10 предложений капитан второй команды. Выигрывает капитан, который отгадал больше задуманных слов и чей рассказ лучше.

Compere: Now let's listen to the boys and girls who are going to describe the pictures. First Team I. Each of you will come forward in turn, show your picture and describe it. Then Team II will do the same.

Каждая команда по очереди описывает картинки. После описания картинки каждым учеником представители его команды имеют право добавить свои предложения и получить дополнительные очки.

Compere: Now let's play the game "Who Can Say More?" Will five pupils from each team come here? Each of you must say a sentence about the season I name. For example: "Spring."

После этого ведущий кидает мяч поочередно всем ученикам команды. Каждый ученик, которому ведущий бросил мяч, ловит его, говорит одно предложение и кидает мяч обратно ведущему. Compere: Now we'll play the game "Memory Run". I'd like four pupils from each team to come up to me. Team I, line up to the left and Team II — to the right. Now face the picture "Summer". When I name one of you, he or she will run up to the picture and touch anything he or she likes in the picture and name it. Then he runs quickly back. I name the second pupil. He touches the same object in the picture and names it. After that he touches anything else in the picture, names it and runs back.

Игра проходит в быстром темпе. Водящий вызывает представителей обеих команд поочередно. Третий ученик называет три слова, четвертый — четыре и т. д. Слова надо называть в том порядке, в котором это делали предшествующие ученики. Выигрывает команда, которая безошибочно повторила больше слов.

Compere: Now, dear boys and girls, I'll give you some riddles and you'll try to guess them. Listen carefully.

Ведущий называет следующие загадки:

1. Fat and gay, on a winter day,

He came here with us to stay.

But day by day he grew sad and thin,

And so we brought his younger brother in.

(A calendar.)


2. A little old woman with twelve children,

Some short, some long, some cold, some hot.

What is she?

(A year.)


3. Can you name five days of the week? I don't mean Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

(Today, yesterday, the day before yesterday, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow.)


4. A blue sheet which covers the whole world. What is it?

(The sky.)


5.What is without hands and without feet, without a head or a body, but can open a door?

(The wind.)


6. What is it that can catch me in the garden and make me wet, but cannot reach me when I am in the house?



7. It's so weak that a little wind can move it. It's so strong that you can cut it with a knife and leave no mark.



8. It is white, it is cold. We can skate on it. What is it?



9. It's blue by night,

By day it is white.

It is cold and not dry,

It falls just from the sky.



10. What man cannot live inside the house?

(A snowman.)


11. What goes up when the rain comes down?

(An umbrella.)


12. Higher than a house,

Higher than a tree;

Oh, whatever can that be?

(A star.)


Compere: Both teams have guessed the riddles. Good! Now one team will do actions and the other team will try to guess what they are doing. They will ask general questions in turn and the first team will answer them.

Учащиеся должны задавать только общие вопросы. Примерные мимические сценки:

1. Мальчик сидит и читает книгу.

2. Девочка и мальчик плавают.

3. Две девочки одеваются.

4. Девочка рисует.

5. Мальчик ест и т. д.

После отгадывания всех мимических сценок первой команды команды меняются ролями. Выигрывает та команда, которая быстрее отгадала мимические сценки. После подведения итогов конкурса по отгадыванию мимических сценок лучшие рисунки помещаются на классную доску. Рисунки не подписаны, чтобы учащиеся не знали, кто их рисовал.

Compere: I'd like eight pupils from Team I to come up to the blackboard, one after another. Look carefully at the pictures, then take a piece of chalk and put a plus under (or above) the picture you like best. Then you must go back and sit down. After that eight pupils from Team II will do the same.

После подсчета плюсов под каждой картинкой объявляется фамилия победителя, и его команда получает дополнительно 10 очков.

Compere: New we'll see whose costumes are the best.

Под музыку песни "Seasons" члены жюри выбирают и премируют лучшие костюмы. В конце этого вечера подсчитывается общее количество очков у каждой команды за участие в самодеятельности, конкурсах и играх. Объявляется команда-победительница, которая под аплодисменты делает круг почета по сцене. Затем вновь выходит Дед Мороз.

Father Frost: Dear boys and girls! I enjoyed your party. You recited poems, sang songs and danced very well. Now it's my turn to do something and I know what to do. I've got presents for you, a present for each one. I hope you'll like my presents.

С этими словами он раздает учащимся гостинцы, купленные для детей родительским комитетом.

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