Chapter XVI

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Chapter XVI


Dr. Carey began to repair the car, and Stuart went shopping. 1 He decided to buy clothes for his long travel. He went to a doll's shop, and bought some new suits and shirts. He was very pleased with all his new things, and put his luggage in the automobile. That night he slept in the doctor's house.

The next morning Stuart got up early. He thanked Dr. Carey and decided to start at once. He wanted to get out of town before there were many people, cars and trucks in the streets. 2 He drove through Central Park to One Hundred and Tenth Street, then north to the river. The car ran very fast. People sometimes stopped and looked at it, but Stuart did not mind. 3 He did not want to press the button which made the car invisible. He could not forget how much trouble it had caused the day before. 4

Suddenly Stuart saw a man sitting by the side of the road. 5 It was a tall, thin man, and he looked very sad. Stuart stopped his car and put his head out.

"Good morning, sir! Why are you so sad?" he asked.

"Because everything is bad," said the man.

"Can I help you?" asked Stuart in a friendly voice. 6

The man shook his head. "Nobody can help me," he said. "I am the director of School Number Seven in this town, and I always have a lot of problems. Today one of my teachers is ill. Her name is Miss Gunderson. 7 I must find a teacher who will take her place." "What's the matter with her? " 8 asked Stuart.

"I don't know. The doctor says that she has a bad cold," said the director.

"Can't you find another teacher?" asked Stuart.

"No, I can't. Nobody in this town knows anything. Nobody can teach at school. The lessons must begin in an hour."

"I shall be glad to take Miss Gunderson's place for a day," 9 said Stuart.

The director looked at him. "Can you do it?" he asked.

"Of course," said Stuart. "I shall be glad to help you." He opened the door of his little car and stepped out. "I must put on another suit," he said. "This motoring suit is not good for a classroom."

He took out his suit-case from the car and went into the bushes by the side of the road. When he came back he had on a grey coat, striped trousers, a black tie and spectacles. Then he took his motoring suit, and put it in the suit-case.

"Do you think you can maintain discipline?" 10 asked the director.

"Of course I can," said Stuart. "I shall make the lessons interesting and the discipline will take care of itself. 11 Don't worry about me."

The man thanked him and they shook hands.



1 went shopping — отправился за покупками

2 before there were many people, cars and trucks in the streets — до того, как на улицах появится много народу, легковых и грузовых машин

3 but Stuart did not mind - но Стюарту было все равно

4 how much trouble it had caused the day before — сколько неприятностей она причинила накануне

5 sitting by the side of the road — который сидел у края дороги

6 in a friendly voice — участливо

7 Miss Gunderson — мисс Гандерсон

8 What's the matter with her? — Что с ней такое?

9 for a day — на один день

10 Do you think you can maintain discipline? — Как вы думаете, сможете вы поддерживать дисциплину?

11 will take care of itself — будет поддерживаться сама собой

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