Chapter Three

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Chapter Three


"If you are a good witch," cried Dorothy, "please help me to go back to my aunt and uncle. I think they are terribly frightened, they don't know where I am. Please help me to go back to Kansas prairie."

The little men and the old woman looked at Dorothy and did not speak for some time.

"We don't know where Kansas is," said one of them. "We cannot help you to go back to your prairie."

"That's true, my dear," said the good witch. "We don't know where your prairie is and we can't help you. You must stay with us."

At these words 1 Dorothy began to cry. She could not be happy in that beautiful country when her aunt and uncle were so far away. She loved them very much. The little people looked at her and began to cry too. Then the little old woman said:

"What is your name, dear child?"

"My name is Dorothy," said the girl.

"Listen to me, Dorothy," said the. little woman. "Only Oz, the great Wizard of the Land of Oz, 2 can help you. You must find him and ask him to help you. He lives in the Emerald City."

"Where is that city?" asked Dorothy. "It's in the middle of the Land of Oz. And the Wizard is the ruler of the Emerald City," said the little old woman. "Is he a good man?" asked Dorothy. "I don't know," said the little old woman. "I only know that he is a good Wizard."

"How can I get to the Emerald City?" asked Dorothy. "Can you tell me the way there?"

"You must walk all the way there," said the old woman. "It is a long way. And it is full of dangers." 3

"I am afraid," said the little girl. "Can you go with me? 4 You are my friends, aren't you?"

"Yes, we are your friends," said the Good Witch, "but we cannot go with you. I am sorry to say. But take these shoes, my dear!" The little woman took off the silver shoes of the Wicked Witch of the East and gave them to Dorothy. "There is some magic in these shoes. I don't know what magic, but I hope it will help you."

Dorothy took the shoes of the Wicked Witch of the East and put them on.

"Now I must leave you," said the kind little woman. "I hope you will find the Emerald City and the Wizard of the Land of Oz. The road to the Emerald City is made of yellow brick. 5 You must walk along that road. And don't be afraid of the Wizard. Tell him your story and he will help you to go back to your aunt and uncle. Good-bye, my dead"

The Witch turned around on her left foot three times 6 and disappeared. The three old Munchkins said good-bye to Dorothy and walked away.



1 At these words — При этих словах

2 Only Oz, the Great Wizard of the Land of Oz — Только Оз, Великий Волшебник страны Оз

3 It is a long way. And it is full of dangers. — Путь туда далек. И он полон опасностей.

4 Can you go with me?— Не пойдете ли Вы со мной?

5 The road ... is made of yellow brick.— Дорога ... вымощена желтым кирпичом.

6 turned around on her left foot three times — повернулась на левой ноге три раза

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