Chapter Nine

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Chapter Nine


The Cowardly Lion walked into the Throne Room and looked around. He saw a Ball of Fire in front of the throne. The fire was very bright. It was so bright that the Lion could not look at it. He could not go near it.

Then a voice came from the Ball of Fire. These were the words:

"I am Oz, the Great and Terrible. Who are you and what do you want of me?"

And the Lion answered:

"I am a Cowardly Lion. I am afraid of people and beasts.

I ask you to give me some courage. People call me the King of" Beasts, so I must be brave."

"Why do you ask me for it?" asked Oz.

"Because you are Oz, the Great and Terrible. You, only you, can give me courage," said the Lion.

The voice said:

"Kill the Wicked Witch of the West and I shall give you courage."

The Lion was very angry. But what could he do? He went back to his friends and repeated the Wizard's words.

"What shall we do now?" asked Dorothy.

"There is only one thing we can do," 1 answered the Lion. "We can go to the West and kill the Wicked Witch of the West."

"But can we do it?" asked Dorothy.

"We must do it or I shall never have courage," said the Lion.

"And I shall never have brains," said the Scarecrow.

"And I shall never have a heart," said the Tin Woodman.

"And I shall never see Aunt Em and Uncle Henry," said Dorothy and began to cry.

"I think we must do it," said Dorothy after a short time. "The witch is very wicked and she does much harm to people." 2

"I shall go with you, Dorothy," said the Lion.

"I shall go too," cried the Scarecrow.

"So shall I," said the Tin Woodman.

Early next morning Dorothy and her friends came up to the gate of the Emerald City.

The Green Soldier unlocked their eye-glasses and put them back in his big box. Then he opened the gate for our friends.

"How can we find the Wicked Witch of the West?" Dorothy asked him.

"Oh, it is very easy," said the Green Soldier. "Go to the West, only to the West. You will find her in the West."

They thanked him and said good-bye. Then they started to walk to the West.

They walked and walked for a long time. "Let us rest a little now," said Dorothy. She and Toto and the Lion lay down on the grass. They closed their eyes and soon they were asleep. 3

Now, readers, let me tell you that the Wicked Witch of the West had only one eye. But this eye was very strong. It was like a telescope and she could see very far.

So, as she sat down at her door and looked around, she saw Dorothy and her friends. They were very far off, but the Witch could see them and was very angry.

"I don't want strangers in my country," cried the Witch.

She ordered her slaves to come to her. Her slaves were monkeys with big, strong wings.

"Fly to those people. They are strangers, and I don't like strangers in my country," she said. "Kill the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow. Bring the little girl and the Lion here. They will work for me."

The monkeys flew to Dorothy and her friends. Some of the monkeys took the Tin Woodman and flew up into the air. Then they dropped the poor Woodman. He fell on the ground and broke his arms and legs.

Other monkeys took the Scarecrow. They pulled all the straw out of his body and his head. Then they flew into the air and dropped him into a tall tree.

Some of the monkeys were very big. They lifted the Cowardly Lion up and flew away with him. Two monkeys took Dorothy, who had Toto in her arms, and flew with them to the Witch's palace. 4 They brought the Lion and Dorothy to the Witch and then flew away.



1 There is only one thing we can do — зд. Единственное, что мы можем сейчас сделать

2 she does much harm to people — она причиняет много вреда людям

3 soon they were asleep — вскоре они заснули

4 the Witch's palace — дворец колдуньи

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