Chapter Fourteen

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Chapter Fourteen


Next morning the Scarecrow got up very early. He said to his friends: "I am going to the Great Wizard. At last I shall have brains in my head, not straw."

"I know you have no brains, but I like you as you are," 1 said Dorothy.

"You are very kind, dear Dorothy;" said the Scarecrow, "but I want so much to be clever."

Then he said good-bye to his friends and went to the Throne Room.

There he knocked at the door.

"Come in!" said Oz.

The Scarecrow found the little man in the small room behind the Throne Room.

"I have come to get my brains," he said. "You promised to put brains into my head."

"Oh, yes," said the Wizard, "I remember it very well. I am very sorry, but I must take your head off and put some brains into it."

"That's all right," said the Scarecrow. "Take it off!"

So the old man took the Scarecrow's head off and pulled the straw out of it. He put a lot of pins into the straw. He filled the head with all that. Then he put the head back on the Scarecrow's shoulders and said to him:

"Now you will be a great man. You have a lot of brains."

"Thank you very much," said the Scarecrow. "I think I am already wise 2 with my new brains."

He went back to his friends.

"Look how wise I am now!" he said.

"Yes, your head is very big now," said Dorothy. "But why are there so many pins in it?"

"Because my brains are now very sharp," 3 answered the Scarecrow.

"Now I must go to the Wizard and get my heart," said the Tin Woodman. He went to the door of the Throne Room and knocked at it.

"Come in," said Oz. The Tin Woodman went into the Throne Room and said:

"You promised to give me a heart. I have come to get it."

"Very well," said the Wizard. "But I must cut a small hole in your breast 4 first. Then I shall put a heart in it."

"All right," said the Tin Woodman, "do it please." So the Wizard cut a small hole in the left side of the Woodman's breast. Then he went to a cupboard and took out of it a small box. Out of the box he took a small heart. It was made of red silk. "It is a very beautiful heart, isn't it?" said Oz.

"Yes, it is!" said the Tin Woodman. "But is it a kind heart?"

"Oh, yes, it is, it's a very kind heart!" answered Oz. The Tin Woodman thanked the Wizard many times. He was happy.

"I like this heart very much," he said. "And I shall never forget your help! Thank you very, very much!" "That's all right," answered the Wizard.

The Woodman ran back to his friends.

The Cowardly Lion now went to the Throne Room and knocked at the door.

"Come in!" said the Wizard.

"I have come to get my courage," said the Lion.

"Very well," said the old man. "You will have it!"

He went to his cupboard and took out a green cup. It was a very beautiful cup. There was some red wine in it. The Wizard gave it to the Lion.

"Drink it," said Oz.

"What is it?" asked the Lion.

"You must drink it," said Oz. "It is courage. Courage must be in you! Do you understand? Drink it quickly."

The Lion took the cup and quickly drank from it.

"How are you now?" 5 asked Oz.

"Oh, I am fine!" answered the Lion. "I have a lot of courage! I am full of courage. 6 Thank you very, very much!"

And the happy Lion went to his friends.

Oz laughed very much when he thought of the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Cowardly Lion.

"How funny they are! I am glad I have made them happy," he thought. "I told them that I'm a bad Wizard, but they don't believe me and ask me to do things that I can't do. So they make a humbug of me!"

Then he thought of Dorothy.

"It was easy to make her three friends happy. But how can I help her? How can I take the poor child back to Kansas? I'm afraid I can't do it!"



1 I like you as you are — Ты мне и так нравишься

2 wise —мудрый

3 my brains are now very sharp — теперь у меня очень острый ум

4 in your breast — в твоей груди

5 How are you now? — Ну, как теперь?

6 full of courage — преисполнен храбрости

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