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Chapter One


Well, dear readers, you now know a lot about the Land of Oz and its capital—the Emerald City. And you know that there are very many countries in the Land of Oz.

In one of these countries, the Munchkin Country, there lived an old man. 1 His name was Bini Aru.

This man had a secret. He knew a magic word. This word could change you into an animal, a bird, a flower, a stone. And it could change you back 2 into your real form.

It was a very easy thing to do if you knew how to say the word. The word was Pyrzqxgl.

Can you, readers, say the word? I'm afraid you can't. But Bini Aru knew how to say it.

Usually when Bini Aru went far away from home and was hungry, he said: "I want to become a sheep: Pyrzqxgl!" He became a sheep at once. And he ate a lot of grass. Then the sheep said: "I want to be Bini Aru again. Pyrzqxgl!" and the magic changed the sheep back into an old man.

Now Bini Aru was afraid to forget the magic word. So he decided to write it in some secret place. 3 That was a clever idea. But where could he find a secret place? He thought and thought and at last he decide to find it in his house, in his room.

Bini Aru had a son. His son's name was Kiki. Kiki's father told him that he must not come into his room. But Kiki was a wicked boy. Once, when his father was not at home, Kiki opened the door of his father's room and went in.

As he came into the room, he stumbled over one of the floor boards. 4 He did not find any interesting things 5 in his father's room. As he went back to the door he stumbled again over that floor board.

He looked at the board for a long time. "That's strange," he thought. "Why did I stumble over that board for a second time?"

Kiki took the board out, and saw some writing on the back of it. 6 The writing told him how to read and say the magic word Pyrzqxgl. Now he knew that the word could change you into a bird or an animal. If you repeated the word again it could change you back into your real form: into a boy, girl, man or woman.

Now Kiki knew his father's secret. He took a piece of paper and made a copy of the writing. 7 Then he put the board back in its place.

"Father must not know that I have his secret," thought the wicked boy.

He went into the garden and sat down under a tree. "I always wanted to go away from this country and visit the big world," he thought. "Now I can change my form and be a bird. Then I can fly and see the big world. And I can fly away from this country which I hate so much. But first I must learn the magic word and remember it, I don't want to be always a bird."

So he learned the word by heart, 8 repeated it a hundred times.

"Now I shall not forget the word," he thought. "And I must find the place for this paper in a secret place."

So he put it into a tin box and put the box in a corner of the garden under a big stone.

He decided to become a bird at once. So he stood in front of the house and said: "I want to become a big strong bird. I want to become a hawk! Pyrzqxgl!" And at once he became a grey hawk.



1 there lived an old man — жил-был старик

2 it could change you back — оно могло вернуть вас снова

3 secret place — тайник

4 floor boards — половицы

5 did not find any interesting things — не нашел ничего интересного

6 saw some writing on the back of it — увидел на обратной стороне (доски) какую-то надпись

7 made a copy of the writing — переписал эту надпись

8 he learned ... by heart — выучил ... наизусть

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