Chapter Five

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Chapter Five


Or course, dear readers, you remember Dorothy, the little girl from the great Kansas prairie. And I hope you remember her dear friend Ozma, the ruler of the Land of Oz.

Dorothy often came to the Emerald City to visit Ozma and to see her other dear friends: the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, the Cowardly Lion and the Wizard of Oz. You remember that he wanted to fly away in a balloon. Well, the balloon fell down not far from the Emerald City and the Wizard came back. But he was not very sorry. He decided to study magic, because he did not want to be a humbug. Ozma gave him three rooms in her palace and he studied magic there. Now he really knew some magic.

One morning Dorothy took a walk in Ozma's beautiful garden.

"What can I give Ozma for her birthday?" Dorothy thought.

Suddenly Dorothy saw the Tin Woodman in the garden.

"What will you give Ozma for her birthday?" she asked.

"It's a secret," answered the Tin Woodman. "But I can tell you. I have a song for her. I can tell you the words with which the song begins. Listen!

"I am crazy, l

You are a daisy, 2

Ozma dear!

You are a nice and beautiful fairy,

May your birthdays all be happy, 3

Ozma dear!"

"Well, how do you like it, Dorothy?" asked the Tin Woodman.

"Is it good poetry?" asked Dorothy. She did not like the song.

"Of course, it is!" said the Tin Woodman. "I shall call it like this: 'When Ozma has a birthday we are all happy because we love dear Ozma very, very much."

"I think it is very long," said Dorothy.

"I don't think so," said the Tin Woodman. "And what are YOU going to give Ozma for her birthday?"

"I don't know," said Dorothy. "But I want to give her a very nice present!"

Dorothy said good-bye to the Tin Woodman and walked to the back of the palace. There she saw the Scarecrow.

"Are you going to give Ozma a present for her birthday?" she asked.

"Of course, I am," said the Scarecrow."

"What are you going to give her?" said Dorothy.

"I am making a pair of straw shoes for her," answered the Scarecrow. "Ozma must like straw, because she likes ME very much. She knows that my body is made of straw and I think she will like these nice straw shoes."

"And what can I give her for her birthday?" asked Dorothy.

"Oh, I don't know," said the Scarecrow. "Think hard, Dorothy, think very hard, and a good idea will come to you."

So Dorothy went to her room, where she sat down and thought hard about a birthday present for Ozma's birthday.

She thought and thought. Then she saw Toto and asked him:

"What can I give Ozma for her birthday?"

"Oh, give her some bones," said the dog. "It will be a great present for her!"

"A bone is a good present for a dog, but not for a Fairy," said Dorothy. "I see I must think hard again."

Dorothy thought and thought and suddenly an idea came to her. She went to the Wizard of Oz. He was glad to see Dorothy.

"Wizard," said Dorothy, "will you help me to make a birthday present for Ozma?"

"I shall be very glad to do what I can for you and for Ozma," he answered.

"I want to make a great cake," said Dorothy. "And in the middle of it I am going to hide a lot of very small monkeys. We shall put the cake on the table. Then the monkeys will get out of the cake. They will dance on the table around the cake. And then Ozma will cut the cake."

"That's very clever, really very clever, my dear," said the Wizard and laughed. "But your monkeys must be very, very small. Where will you get such small monkeys?"

"I hope," said Dorothy, "that you will help me. In the big forest there are a lot of monkeys." "Big monkeys," said the Wizard. "Well," said Dorothy. "This is my plan: you and I go to that forest. There we shall catch some big monkeys. Then you will make them small. We shall put those small monkeys in a basket and bring them home. After that you will teach them how to dance. It will be our secret. And on Ozma's birthday we shall put them all into the cake. They will know by that time what they must do."

"All right," said the Wizard, "I think I can do what you want me to do. I am ready to go with you. Let's take the Cowardly Lion with us. We shall go to the forest on his back and he will roar and frighten all the beasts there."



1 I am crazy -Я без ума (от вас)

2 You are a daisy - Вы просто душенька

3 May your birthdays all be happy — зд. Желаю вам счастливых дней рожденья

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