Chapter Ten

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Chapter Ten


All the animals on the clearing were terribly frightened now. "Let us run away from this place," they all cried. "The magician can change our forms too." And they all ran away from the clearing very quickly.

Only the little Lamb, the Fox, the Boy, and the Fat Woman stayed on the clearing. They did not know what to do. So they did not speak, they only looked at one another.

"Who are you?" the Boy asked the Fat Woman.

"And who are you?" the Fox asked the Lamb.

"I am Dorothy," said the Lamb.

"I am the Wizard," said the Fox.

"I am the Cowardly Lion," said the Munchkin Boy.

"I am Gugu the King," said the Fat Woman.

But when they asked the Goose who he really was, the Nome did not want to tell them his name. He said: "I am just a goose, and that is all. And I don't remember what I was before."

Kiki Aru flew with the Wizard's black bag to a high tree. "Here they can't see me," he thought. "I shall open the Wizard's black bag and take his magic tools. With the tools I can do magic which I can't do with my one magic word."

He opened the bag and took out the magic tools one by one. 1 He looked at them for a long time. At last he said: "No, I don't know what to do with these magic tools."

Of course, he did not know what to do with the magic tools. Who was Kiki? He was not a magician. He was a wicked boy who knew only how to say the magic word Pyrzqxgl. So Kiki hung the black bag on the tree and began to think of a new plan.

Dorothy and her friends, the Nome and Gugu the King were still on the clearing. They did not know what to do. "This is magic," said the Wizard. "It's not difficult to break this magic 2 with my magic tools. But the tools are in my black bag. And where is the bag? Who knows?"

There was no answer.

"Let us look for the bag!" said Dorothy. "I think we can find it."

They all looked and looked for the black bag but could not find it.

The Goose, who was really the Nome, wanted to find it too. But he wanted to hide it from the Wizard. He was afraid of the Wizard.

"They will find the bag," he thought, "and then the Wizard will change us back to our real form. Then they will know me. And then they will kick me out of the Land of Oz. I shall never punish them!" So the Goose looked for the black bag too but he could not find it. Then he decided to run away. "I must run away from here," he thought. "And I must find Kiki Aru. I want him to change me back into a Li-Mon-Eag." He looked around. Then he ran away as quickly as he could. 3 When he was far away from Dorothy and her friends he began to call: "Kiki Aru, Kiki Aru!"

Kiki Aru was in his tree. He heard the Nome's cries but he could not decide what to do next. 4

The boy hated the Nome and was afraid of him. But he needed his help. So when he heard the Nome's cries: "Kiki Aru! Quack-quack! 5 Kiki Aru!" he flew down to the ground and said to the Nome: "I am here. What do you want of me?" "Why did you do all this?" asked the Goose. "Because I wanted to do it," answered Kiki. "You must remember that I am the magician, not you. I don't want to obey you."

The Goose listened and thought: "Yes, I must obey the boy now. I hope I shall know his secret some day. Then I shall change him into a goose."

And he said aloud: "You are right, Kiki. Now you will be my master. But you must help me to conquer the Land of Oz. You can do it, can't you?"

"How can I help you?" asked the boy.

"First, 6 change me back into the form of a Li-Mon-Eag. After that we can talk."

"Wait a moment," said Kiki. He flew back to his tree and said: "I want the Goose to become a Li-Mon-Eag again. Pyrzqxgl."

His magic word changed the Goose into a Li-Mon-Eag at once.

"Good," cried the Nome. He was very happy. "Now let us find a place where we can talk about my new plan. I don't want the animals to listen to our talk."

They went to a small clearing in the forest and sat down on the ground. The Nome said: "Listen to me, Kiki. I shall tell you my plan."



1 one by one — по очереди

2 It's not difficult to break this magic — He трудно разбить эти чары

3 he ran away as quickly as be could — побежал прочь изо всех сил.

4 he could not decide what to do next — он не мог решить, что же ему дальше делать

5 Quack-quack — га-га-га (звукоподражание)

6 First — Сперва

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