Chapter Eleven

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Chapter Eleven


At that moment a Fox came up to the clearing. The Nome and Kiki did not see the Fox, because it was behind them. But the Fox was really the Wizard of Oz. He looked at the two Li-Mon-Eags and thought: "There are two of them now. And a short time ago there was only one Li-Mon-Eag. The Goose changed into the beast! I understand it all now. It is all clear now. At last I can tell who changed our forms. The Goose and his comrade—the wicked magician. These two beasts are our enemies. I must watch them all the time and see what they will do next."

The Wizard-Fox came up to Kiki Aru and the Nome. There was a big tree near them with a big hole in it. "I shall hide in the hole and see what those beasts will do next," thought the Wizard. He jumped into the hole and watched the two Li-Mon-Eags. And he heard their talk.

"Well," said the Nome to Kiki, "this is my plan. Look at the trees in the forest. They are full of monkeys. We shall change fifty little monkeys into fifty soldiers. The Oz people don't know how to fight. They will be frightened and the soldiers will conquer them in a day or two." 1

Kiki thought for some time and then said: "I like your plan."

"Can you change those fifty little monkeys all at once?" 2 asked the Nome.

"No, I can't," answered Kiki. "I must change them one at a time. 3 Stay here, and I shall go and change the first monkey."

"But where are you going?" asked the Nome.

"You know very well that I can't say the magic word when you are near. I shall go where you cannot hear me," answered Kiki.

The Nome was very angry when he heard that. But he said: "All right!"

Kiki got up and went to a tree which stood near them.

It was just the tree in which the Wizard-Fox was. Kiki Aru ran up to the tree and tried to look into the hole. It was very dark in the hole. So Kiki did not see the Fox.

Kiki said: "I want that monkey in the big tree on the left to become a soldier with a big sword: Pyrzqxgl." Then he ran back to the Nome.

"I am so glad I know the magic word now," thought the Wizard. "I can change the forms of people and animals now. But first I must remember the word."

In a moment a soldier with a big sword stood on the clearing.

"Good," cried the Nome. "Change the other monkeys, quick!"

So Kiki ran back to the tree with the hole in it and said his magic word again. He ran to the tree and back six times.

Soon six big soldiers with swords stood in the forest.

When Kiki ran back to the Nome for the sixth time the Wizard-Fox put his head out of the hole. He thought: "I have heard the magic word six times. Now I shall try and say it."

And he said aloud: "This animal Li-Mon-Eag must become a small nut: Pyrzqxgl."

At once Kiki changed into a small nut. The Wizard cried out with joy and jumped out of the hole.

"Now I shall change the other one into a big nut," he thought.

At that moment the Nome rose from the ground and looked around. He saw the Fox, but he did not see Kiki. "Where is Kiki, why did he not come back?" he thought. He was frightened.

"This Li-Mon-Eag must become a big nut: Pyzrqxgl!" cried the Wizard-Fox. But, as you see, the order of the letters in the word was wrong. He did not say the magic word in the right way. 4 So the Nome's form did not change.

The Nome understood at once that it was the magic word. He ran to the Fox and said: "You must become a goose: Pyrqzxgl."

But the Nome said the word in the wrong way 5 too— that's why the Wizard-Fox's form did not change. He ran away from the angry Nome and hid behind a big tree.

The Nome King repeated the magic word many times but every time he said it in the wrong way. The Fox behind the tree repeated the word many times too, and suddenly he said it in the right way. And the Nome at once became a big nut. The Wizard-Fox said: "I want my real form again. I want to become a man: Pyrzqxgl."

At once he became the Wizard of Oz again. He picked up the big nut and the small nut. Then he put them into his pocket and ran back to the big clearing, to his friends, as quickly as he could.



1 in a day or two — за один-два дня

2 all at once — сразу всех

3 one at a time — по одному

4 in the right way — правильно, как следует

5 in the wrong way — неправильно

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