Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter Thirteen


At last our friends came home. The Wizard began to teach the twelve little monkeys at once. They were very clever. The Wizard was very kind to them and the monkeys loved him very much. Soon they were ready to do all the tricks which the Wizard wanted them to do.

At last Ozma's birthday came. You must know that Ozma's birthday was always a great holiday in the Land of Oz. On that day all the people in all the countries of the Land of Oz decorated their houses with flowers and flags. The people sang, danced and played games.

Ozma's palace stood in the middle of a big garden. The garden was full of flowers and fountains. Hundreds and hundreds of birds sang in this garden.

There was some writing on a board near one of the fountains.

This is what that writing said:


If you drink the water from this fountain YOU WILL FORGET ALL THAT YOU KNEW BEFORE! You will forget even YOUR NAME!

On her birthday Ozma always gave a great dinner at her Emerald Palace. And on that day, too, Ozma's friends, people and animals, came to her palace from all the countries of the Land of Oz.

Ozma was always glad to see her friends, she laughed and talked with all of them.

Then four beautiful girls brought in a very big cake and put it in the middle of the table. There were flowers and lighted candles 1 on it. In the centre of the cake there were letters which were made of sugar:


Ozma cried with joy: "Oh, how beautiful!"

"And now," cried Dorothy, "now you must cut the cake and give a piece to each of us."

Ozma took a knife and cut the cake. Suddenly a little monkey jumped out of it. Then eleven more 2 monkeys jumped out of the cake.

"Many happy returns," 3 cried the monkeys. They danced and did some acrobatic tricks. All their tricks were very funny. Ozma and her friends laughed very much.

"Thank you, dear Dorothy," said Ozma, "and you, dear Wizard, for your wonderful present."

Dorothy and her friend, the old Wizard, were very glad that Ozma liked their birthday cake so much.

After that the Tin Woodman sang his song, and all Ozma's fiends liked it very much too!

On the morning after Ozma's birthday, the Wizard and Dorothy went out for a walk in Ozma's wonderful garden. Ozma too came out of her Emerald Palace for a walk in the garden. She came up to Dorothy and the Wizard and said: "You have told me a lot about your adventures in the Gugu forest. But I want you to tell me more about them. I want to know how you got those little monkeys for the birthday cake."

So they sat down on an emerald bench opposite one of the fountains. Dorothy and the Wizard began to tell Ozma about their adventures. Ozma listened to them with great interest. Then she said to the Wizard: "So you changed those terrible Li-Mon-Eags into nuts. And where are they now?"

"Oh, I forgot about them," answered the Wizard. "They must be in my pocket." And he took two nuts out of his pocket and showed them to Ozma.

Ozma looked at the nuts for a long time and then said: "No, I don't think that it is right to leave them in the form of nuts. I think, Wizard, that you must change them back into their real forms."

"Don't forget, Ozma, that they are very wicked," said the Wizard. "And we don't know their real forms, do we?" 4

"No, no, but we must not be afraid of two living things," 5 said Ozma. Ozma was very, very kind. "Even if they are our enemies, or wicked magicians," she went on. "I am afraid, Ozma," said the little man, "that they know some magic which can do us much harm." .

"I have an idea," cried Dorothy. "Please, do as I tell you, and their magic will not harm us."

"What is it,' my dear?" asked Ozma.

"Look at that writing on the board," said the girl. "Read it! The writing says that we must not drink from that fountain or we shall forget all that we knew before, even our names. Let the Wizard change the nuts into their real forms and make them thirsty. 6 Then they will run to the fountain and drink some water. Then they will forget all, even their names."

"That's not a bad idea," said the Wizard.

"I think it is a very good idea," said Ozma. "Run for a cup, girl!"



1 lighted candles — зажженные свечи

2 eleven more — еще одиннадцать

3 Many happy returns — Поздравляем с днем рождения

4 And we don't know their real forms, do we? — И мы не знаем, каков их настоящий вид, не так ли?

5 living things — живые существа

6 Let the Wizard change the nuts into their real forms and make them thirsty. — Пусть волшебник вернет орехам их прежний вид и заставит их испытывать жажду.

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