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Why should I read newspapers and magazines? I get news on TV and radio. You may have heard people say that. They dont know that there is much more fun than just news in a newspaper or a magazine.

You enjoy reading special articles about hobbies, home, sport, and movie stars. Maybe youll like comics. You read where to buy what you need at a lowest price, what happened yesterday in your town and around the world. Newspapers also tell you where to go for fun. They also tell you about shows and sports. Lots of events happen to people, and newspapers tell you what happened, who did it, where it happened, why it happened and how it happened.

No one can read everything in the newspaper every day. But if you read a part of your newspaper every day, you will know a lot.

The first American newspaper was published in Boston in 1690. Now lots of magazines and newspapers are published in the USA. They keep up with all the new discoveries and events that are happening every day and bring the world of events into your home.

Magazines and newspapers can be divided into two large groups - mass and specialized. Mass magazines and newspapers are intended for large group of people, living in different places and having many different interests. Among them are newspapers and magazines for teachers, for cat lovers, for stamp collectors. In fact, there is a magazine and a newspaper to fit any interest.

Most U.S. cities today have only one newspaper publisher. In more than 170 American cities, a single publisher produces both a morning and an evening newspaper. But some cities (fewer than 30) have different owners. The New York Times, USA Today and Washington Post can be read everywhere in the United States. Do you want to know the price? Today most sell for 45 cents or more a copy. Surprisingly, many people buy newspaper more for the advertising than for the news. Advertising accounts for 65 percent of newspaper revenues.

Here are some of the magazines you might read.


News magazines. Time and Newsweek. They come out once a week and give summaries of world and national news and background information on the news.

Digests. They are magazines that print articles that have already been published some- where else.

Fiction magazines. They print short stories. Two popular ones are Ellery Queens Mystery Magazine and Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Magazines for African Americans have articles about African Americans and news of interest to black persons. Some of them are Sepia and Ebony.

Womens magazines deal with many subjects: family life, child care, health, home decorating, beauty, marriage, divorce, and do-it-yourself projects.  There are also advice columns, short stories and articles about famous women. Other magazines specialize in beauty, or other tips on face make-up and hair-does.


Answers to ex.2: 1d   2g  3h  4a  5e  6i  7c  8f  9b.


            There are magazines for brides and for teenage girls.

Sports. Sport Illustrated is one of the most popular sports magazines.  It deals with amateur and professional sports.

If you are interested in model trains, antiques, sewing, cooking, crafts and magic, you can find some magazines for yourself.

There are plenty of other magazines to choose from, too.


Ex.1. Answer the questions.


1. Do you and your family read newspapers and magazines?

2. What information can you find in them?

3. You read newspapers every day, dont you?

4. Do you buy them or do you subscribe to them?

5. Many newspapers and magazines are published in Russia, arent they?

6. Do you know when the first Russian newspaper was published?

7. What are Russian newspapers that can be read everywhere in Russia?

8. What about the price of your local newspaper?

9. What are mass magazines and newspapers?

10. What magazine would you choose if you were interested in sports?

11. Do you personally have a newspaper or magazine to fit your interests?


 Ex.2. You know that papers and magazines have lots of sections. Read these headlines and try to guess what sections they belong to, matching the both columns.


1. New Plastic Surgery Miracles.

a) Section Families (in a newspaper).

2. Dieting? The pill you must take.

b) Midwest Living (Everything about Midwest and Midwesterners).

3. Focus on Health.

c) TV and Cable Guide (magazine or newspaper)

4. Where Have All the Manners Gone?

d) Womans World or section Health in a newspaper.

5. 1,000 children get HIV each day, study says. (Brussels, Belgium)

e) Section Daily Briefing World. in a newspaper.

6. Storm Tips.

f) Cosmopolitan.

7. Fireworks, Music And Fun on the Fourth.

g) Womans World(the Womans Weekly)

8. Dont Touch That Phone!

h) Womans World or section (How to Resist Calling Him First).

9. Roam Free in South Dakota.

i) Weather.


Answers to ex.3: 1c  2d  3a  4e  5b.


Ex.3. Can you match the left and the right columns?

There are some paragraphs from certain articles in the left column and the names of these articles and newspapers in the right column. Can you guess which article each paragraph belongs to?

1. Always remember that what makes one person confident wont necessarily work for everyone. After all, were all individuals. Be yourself at all times - youll feel a lot more confident.

a) Almanac (Des Moines Sunday Register. Section Iowa Woes. June 29, 1997).

2. Every family should have a historian. After all, shouldnt future generations know who you were, what you believed, the significant events in your life, and what it was like to live in the late 20-th century.

b) Memory of 1993, Haunts Novotna. (Section Sport Los Angeles Times. July 5, 1997)

3. Norman L.Schoondyke, 58 died of cancer Friday at home. Service will be at 10 a.m. Monday at Southtown Funeral Home, with burial at Avon Cemetery.

c) Confidence! (First December 30, 1996)

4. The Polk Country Board of Supervisors is going to vote on a proposal to distribute profits Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino to local from school districts, apportioned by how many students they have in Polk County.*

d) Life Stories (Des Moines Sunday Register. Section Life Style. June 29, 1997)

5. My outlook towards tennis has changed a lot, Jana said. Tennis is not everything; there is a life outside of tennis.

e) Polk County Mulls Allocation School. (Bulls Eye Section The Most Local News. July 2, 1997).

Polk County.* [pouk] - () ,