History Lesson



Read the text and enjoy the poems.


Winter starts in December. The days are short in winter, and the shortest one is on the twenty first of December. After that, each day becomes longer than the other, but they are still shorter than the nights. It often snows. Snowflakes fall fast and thick. Snow is everywhere on the roofs of the houses, on the trees, on the ground. The air is crisp and clear. Cold makes the air smell better and the streets look cleaner. The temperature drops. The lakes and rivers are frozen. Everything looks so nice covered with ice and snow!

            Sometimes a blizzard sweeps in. Snow stings like sand; it piles up in waist high drifts. There is nothing to do, but stay indoors and wait it out.

            Sometimes, it gets so cold that classes are cancelled and it makes children happy. Some of them stay home and get some extra sleep, but there are some bold ones, who go out and enjoy the cold weather!

            It is difficult for birds to find food in winter. They need your help. Make a bird feeder, place somewhere on your balcony or among the tree branches, and dont forget to put some food every day. Keep feeding birds all through the winter. They will appreciate that and their songs will make you happy in spring.

            Children like winter very much. In winter, they can do a lot of things that they cannot do during the rest of the year. The most popular outdoor winter activities are skiing, sledding, and ice-skating on a lake or pond. If you like to do this, be sure the ice is thick enough to support you. Besides, kids like to make snowmen, build snow huts, play snowballs, throwing them at one another. Its great to speed down snowy slopes, with a group of friends! Even if you dont like winter, dont hide from it, go out, and meet it. A hard walk with a breath of a frosty cloud is much more refreshing than a sweaty walk in the hot sun.

            In winter, everybody is looking forward to celebrating Christmas and New Years Day. Even St. Valentines Day is now celebrated In Russia where it was not observed before. It is a great pleasure to see happy people enjoy the holidays!

            All of a sudden, in winter we have some warm days, with icicles dripping from the roofs, and the sun shining brightly. It looks like springs around the corner; and many people who dont like winter very much would like to say, Come, spring, come again!


When All World Is Full of Snow

by N. M. Bodecker. 

I never know

just where to go,

when all the world

is full of snow.

I dont want

to make a track

not even

to the shed and back.

I only want

to watch and wait,

while snow moths settle

on the gate.

And swarming frost flakes

fill the trees

with billions

of albino bees.

I only want

myself to be

as silent as

a winter tree.

To hear the swirling

stillness grow

when all the world

is full of snow.



by Eve Merriam.

Snow fell  in the city,

It fell through the night,

And the black rooftops

All turned white.


Green garbage cans

All turned white,

Gray sidewalks

All turned white,

Red fire hydrants

All turned white,

Blue police cars

All turned white.


Yellow no parking signs

All turned white

When snow fell in the city

All through the night.


I Heard the Bird Sing

by Oliver Herford.

I heard the bird sing

In the dark of December.

A magical thing,

And sweet to remember:

We are nearer to Spring

Than we were in September.

I heard the bird  sing

In the dark of December.



by Mary Jim.

Merry little snowflakes

Falling through the air,

Resting on the steeple

And the tall tree everywhere,

Covering roofs and fences,

Capping every post,

Covering the hillside

Where we like to coast.

Merry little snowflakes

Do their best

To make a soft, white blanket

So buds and flowers may rest.

But when the bright spring sunshine

Says its come to stay,

Those merry little snowflakes

Quickly run away.



by Karla Kuskin.

Well play in the snow

And stray in the snow

And stay in the snow

In a snow-white park.

Well clown in the snow

And frown in the snow

Fall down in the snow

Till its after dark.

Well cook snow pies

In a big snow pan.

Well make snow eyes

In a round snowman.

Well sing snow songs,

And chant snow chants,

And roll in the snow

In our fat snow pants.

And when its time

To go home to eat

Well have snow toes

On our frosted feet


Ex.1. In the text Winter find the English equivalents for these Russian words.

, , , (), (), (, , ..), ( ), , , , , .


Ex.2. Which word means...

1. ...  a mass of snow formed into a ball?

a) snow-drop       b) snowball      c) snowman

2. ...  snow piled up by the wind?

        a) snowball          b) sand            c) snowdrift

3. ...  easy-broken or fresh and firm?

        a) gentle               b) crisp                        c) thin

4. ...  covered with, or made into ice?

        a) frost                 b) frozen          c) froze

5. ...  a severe storm accompanied by heavy, driving snow?

       a) storm                b) snowstorm   c) blizzard

6. ...   a body of water smaller in size than a lake?

      a) pool                   b) river             c) pond

7. ...  to celebrate?

      a) to play               b) to observe   c) to watch

8. ...  a hanging spike of ice made by dripping water that freezes?

      a) ice water                       b) ice pick        c) icicle


Ex.3. Answer the questions.

1. When does winter begin in your region?

2. How long does it last?

3. Your winter is cold, isnt it?

4. Which is the coldest month?

5. February is different from the other winter months, isnt it? In what way?

6. Are the shortest days in February or in January?

7. Does it often snow in your region?

8. What is the snowiest month?

9. What does your town look like in winter?

10. Do you often have blizzards?

11. How cold is it supposed to be to cancel classes?

12. Do you like it when your classes are canceled? Why?

13. What is your favorite outdoor winter activity?

14. Do you like to have PE lessons in the park named after Yuri Gagarin?

15. What holidays and festivals do you have in winter?