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Read the text and enjoy the poems.


Spirits soar when spring comes. When leaves begin to grow in the trees… When the grass turns green again… When the first flowers bloom in your garden or in the park and forest… You know it is spring. Snow drops are the first spring flowers. How lovely they are. Then forget-me-nots, lilies-of-the-valley, dandelions peek their heads above the ground. Yes, it’s spring!

Last fall some birds flew south where it is warmer. They spent all winter there. But now it is spring, and they come back. Birds can tell when it’s time to build their nests, lay their eggs, and hatch their babies. Many baby animals are also born in spring. They are so cute! Winter’s last snow melts and fills the rivers and streams with rushing water.

Spring is the time for the farmers to plow their fields so that they can plant their crops. It is the time for you to plant seeds too if you have a garden. Soon the first spring showers will fall, water the earth, and make the seeds grow so that there’ll be crops later in the year.

At last you can go outside without warm coat and still feel warm! You know it is spring when you hear the crack of a ball against the wall or ground. You and your friends can’t wait to ride your bikes, to put on your roller skates, or have fun at the playground.

Easter comes in spring. Bunnies appear at Easter, and it’s time to hunt for eggs. Also, don’t forget to say “Happy Holiday!” on the 8-th of March to your mother, grandmother, and all the women working at your school. In May, comes Victory Day – the great holiday for all people living in Russia.

Most adults don’t have spring vacations, but you do. So, why not go outside and play? It’s spring! You feel like turning your back on lessons and running away to play with the weather. But if you are in the 11-th grade, you can’t be so carefree, because the exams are coming. You are supposed to learn harder to be well prepared for your exams. Good luck!




By Aileen Fisher


The fields are rich with daffodils,

a coat of clover cloaks the hills,

and I must dance, and I must sing

to see the beauty of the spring.



Daylight Saving Time

 by Phyllis McGinley


On spring when maple buds are red

We turn the clock an hour ahead;

Which means each April that arrives

We lose an hour

Out of our lives.

Who cares? When autumn birds in flocks

Fly southwards, back we turn the clocks,

And so regain a lovely thing-

That missing hour

We lost last spring!


Wearing of Green

by Aileen Fisher.


It ought to come in April,

or, better yet, in May

when everything is green as green -

I mean St.Patrick Day.

With still a week of winter

this wearing of the green

seems rather out of season

It’s rushing things, I mean.


But maybe March is better

When all is done and said;

St.Patrick brings a promise,

a four - leaf - clover promise,

a green - all - over promise

of springtime just ahead!




by W.H. Davies.

When primroses are out in spring,

And small blue violets come between,

When merry birds sing on boughs green,

And rills, as soon as born, must sing,


When butterflies will make side-leaps

As though escape from nature’s hands

Ere perfect quite; and bees will stand

Upon their heads in fragrant deeps,


When small clouds are so silvery-white,

Each seems a broken-rimmed moon,

When such things are, the world too soon

For me does wear the vale of night.



Spring is a lovely Season

by Helen Rice.


Spring is a lovely season

Of hope and joy and cheer. 

There’s beauty all around us

To see and touch and hear.

No matter how downhearted

And discouraged we may be,

Hope’s born when we can see

Leaves budding on a tree.

Or how a timid flower

Push through the frozen ground

And opens wide its petaled eyes

To see the world around.


The sun is very warm today...

Let all your troubles run away.



Ex.1.There are some new words in the text “Spring.” Can you translate them from English into Russian?


To soar, to bloom, snowdrop, forget-me-not, lily-of-the-valley, dandelion, to peek, a nest, to hatch, to melt, to rush, to plow, a seed, crops, crack, to ride, carefree.  


Ex.2.Complete the following sentences with one of these words.


1. Spirits ... when spring comes.

a) laugh            b) soar             c) weep


2. In spring flowers start ... in your garden, in the park and forest.

a) to fade         b) to die           c) to bloom


3. Birds are busy building their ... .

a) nests            b) homes          c) children


4. Winter snow ... and fills rivers and streams with rushing water.

a) appears        b) melts            c) comes


5. Spring is the time for the farmers to ... their fields.

a) clean            b) plow            c) dig


6. If you have a  ...  it’s time for you to dig the ground and sow seeds.

a) field              b) garden         c) yard


7. At last you can go outside without a warm coat and still ... warm.

a) find              b) have             c) feel


8. You can hear the ... of a ball against the ground.

a) noise            b) crack           c) fall


9. Many children can’t wait to ... their bikes or to put their roller skates.

a) drive            b) ride              c) have


10. Bunnies appear at ... , and it’s time to hunt for eggs.

a) New Year    b) Easter          c) St.Patrick Day


11. At the end of March you have ... .

a) exams          b) birthday       c) vacation


12. You feel like ... your back on lessons and running away to play with the weather.

a) laughing        b) laying           c) turning


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