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Will It Surprise You?

You know, in fact the finest feeling on the Earth is love. Love to children, love to the nature, the native land, people, yes, eventually, to each other. At times, without noticing it, we are dipped into the raging river of life, forgetting about everything in the world, being gradually alienated from the concept of love which is close to us, people. You will ask, who I am, to have the right to discuss, advise, moreover, and to raise this theme at all? I shall answer you. I am a human being! I am precisely as much a human being as you are.

Recollections of love never die away. They come back, accompanying us for a long time after all has passed. And there is nothing new in it. Each sincerely loving person knows: the love leaves indelible traces in one’s heart because it is spiritual by nature. The person who has never loved is not capable of great achievements, he is hopeless - he is dead, though he seems alive.

Coming back from time to time to the past and being dipped into the fine memories of the gone love, we are given "refuge" in which it is possible to hide from the unpleasant reality. Probably, our ideas will be carried away to the world of imagination, ideas and plans which can reverse our spiritual condition, but, but, but …

If you think yourselves unfortunate because you have loved and have lost, get rid of this idea. The love is freakish and whimsical. It comes, whenever it likes, and leaves without warning. Accept it and enjoy it while it is here, but do not spend time, grieving about its loss. By this, you will not return it.

It is incorrect, that love happens only once in a lifetime. Love can come and leave incalculable number of times, and there are no two experiences of love, which affect the person equally. There should not be also any disappointments in love, but it is necessary for the people to understand the difference between emotions of LOVE and SEX.

Combined with the emotions of romanticism and sex, love can push the person to the most fruitful of creative efforts.

“Emotions of love, sex and romanticism are the sides of an eternal triangle of the achievements outlining genius”, these are the words of one of the great men, Andrew Karnegi, told once on this occasion.

Love is an experience, which has many sides, colors and shades. However, the strongest and the most burning is the one which incorporates emotions of love and sex. Moreover, when romantic experiences are also added to them - then marriage becomes ideal, however unreal it may sound!

Sex is a powerful stimulus to action, but its forces are similar to a cyclone - frequently they are not controlled. But when emotions of love incorporate emotions of sex, they result in calmness, steadiness, accuracy of judgments and confidence. The person guided by the desire to please the woman to whom he feels only sexual desire, may be and usually is capable of great achievements, but his actions can be chaotic, perverted and completely fatal. Such person is capable to steal, deceive and even to commit a murder. But when sex is complemented with love, this person will act more reasonably, in a more balanced way.

Love, romanticism and sex create emotions, which can raise the person to the heights of super achievements.

Love is the feeling, which carries out the function of safety and guarantees balance, steadiness and creative actions. The combination of emotions of love, romantic experiences and sex can raise the person up to the height of genius! And on the contrary…

The way to being a genius is through developing the emotions of sex, romanticism and love, control and use of these emotions.

Here is another example:

It is widely known, that chemistry can create deathly poison, mixing in the necessary proportion elements, any of which in itself is not harmful. Emotions, too, can mix up in a similar way and a fatal poison can be created from them. Thus, emotions of sex and jealousy, being mixed, can transform a man into a mad animal.

Appearance of any destructive emotions in a human brain can generate the poison destroying in it the feelings of justice and honesty.

Sexual desire is the strongest in human life. Under the influence of this desire people develop an acuteness of imagination, bravery, will power, persistence and creative abilities not characteristic of them at other time. The desire of sexual contact is so strong, that people risk life and reputation for the sake of it. And if this force is controlled and directed to a proper channel, it keeps all attributes inherent in it (imagination, bravery, etc.) which can be used as a powerful creative power in literature, painting or any other occupations. The desire of sexual expression is congenital and natural. This desire cannot and should not be suppressed and excluded. And if it has no exit through transformation, it will try to search for ways exclusively through physical channels.

Example: a dam can be constructed on the river, and water will be under control for some time, but, eventually, it will find an exit. The same can be said about the emotions connected with sex. They can be suppressed or controlled for some time, but their nature itself forces them to search constantly for means of expression. If they are not transformed in any creative effort they will find a less worthy exit. Well, actually, we have come to the place where the basic idea is discovered, according to the author’s plan. Well, you are welcome…

In the world there are a lot of proverbs, sayings, or just jokes concerning girls, female logic, and in general female sex. They are made fun of, laughed at - in other words, "the weaker sex".

However, very few know what I shall tell you further…

There is a very old proverb: “The wife can either ennoble the husband, or break him”. I shall try to explain. More often the man is guided by his desire to please the woman! The man wishes to please the woman precisely the same way as he did it at the beginning of civilization. The only thing that has changed since then is the way. Men, who grow rich and rise to the tops of power and glory, do it generally for the sake of satisfying their desire to please the woman. Remove women from men’s life and the majority of them will lose interest to wealth. It is this peculiar to men desire to please women that gives women force to ennoble men or to break them.

In history you can frequently meet the names of great leaders whose achievements were influenced by women. These men increased their creative abilities (it is possible) under the influence of sexual desire. Napoleon Bonaparte was one of such men. When his wife Zhozefina inspired him, he was invincible. But, according to the logic I have told above, he drew her aside, and his affairs came to decline. And then both his defeat, and “St. Elena” appeared not far off.


P.S: In spite of the variety of topic mentioned by me, I wanted to communicate to you only two basic ideas:

1. Sexual energy directed to the necessary channel allows opening powerful creative, physical and spiritual forces in a common person.

2. The idea of the existence of spiritual love has the right to life! And if it is supported with romanticism and sexual desire, it is a gift. The gift from above!

Actually, it’s all I think on this occasion. Yes - yes, only think and nothing more. It is a simple analysis of what we come across practically every day.

And as one of the great has said: “Love is the same as talent, and everyone is gifted with this talent in a different degree. And someone may well be deprived of it”.

It’s up to you to decide …


By Sergey Yarmonchik,

Kharkiv Market Economy and Management Institute,

3rd year

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