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(урок в 5 классе по теме «Город. Как пройти в …?)

 Тришина Екатерина, Тамбов

Цели урока:

·        Организовать работу учащихся по развитию навыка употребления лексики по теме, предлогов места и структуры There is/There are;

·        Развить навык общения через различные формы работы;

·        Тренировать навык диалогической речи;

·        Развить навык аудирования;

·        Активизировать мыслительную деятельность через различные игровые приемы;

·        Научить спрашивать и отвечать на вопросы о месте расположении объектов в городе;

·        Организовать работу в парах и группах.



Ход урока:

1. Good morning. What day is it today? What date is it today? Who is absent?

2. Look at the blackboard. You can see the sentence, but the words got mixed, please put them in order. If you do it correctly, you will know the topic of our today’s lesson.



 So, today we’ll speak about towns and give the instructions.

3.a) Please tell me what we have in our town using there is/there are.

   b) Now, let’s play. I will tell you about the place and you have to name this place.

·        You can watch a film there.

·        You can visit a doctor there.

·        You can change money there.

·        You can send a telegram there.

·        You can see old things there.

4. Look here. This is a plan. Here my friend Ann lives. She wants to tell you about her place. But she needs the prepositions. Let’s repeat them.

  a) Teacher – Students

Between                                 In front of

On the corner                         Under

Behind                                    Next to


  b) Ann made some tasks for you. Take these cards. You work in groups. Your task is to put in the prepositions. Don’t forget about the plan.

1.      The post office is … the school and the flower shop. (between)

2.      There is a café … of the street. (on the corner)

3.      The hotel is … the café. (behind)

4.      The club is … the factory. (next to)

5.      The pet shop is … the hotel. (opposite)

6.      The supermarket is … the cinema. (in front of)

 Let’s check. Group 1starts to read and translate from Russian into English.

  c) Now we work in pairs. You will get the card with wrong sentences. Correct them, please.

·        The park is behind the museum. (No, the park is in front of the museum.)

·        The police station is next to the post office. (No, the police station is opposite the post office.)

·        The bus stop is in front of the cinema. (No, the bus stop is in front of the hotel.)

·        The flower shop is between the museum and the café. (No, the flower shop is between the post office and the café.)

·        The school is in front of the supermarket. (No, the school is opposite the supermarket.)

Your time is up. Let’s read and translate.

5. This is my new friend. His name is Dima. He is a stranger in our town. He wants to visit our school. Let’s give him instructions how to do it.

  a) Tell me what words we need for giving instructions. I’ll show you the signs and you have to sound them.

Cross the street               Go ahead

Pass the café                   Turn right/left

Go along the street

b) It’s time to give instructions. Dima is at the bus stop. Please, give him instructions.

6. Now, imagine you’re in a big and unknown city. You want to visit the cinema. But you don’t know the way. What will you do? You will ask a passer-by. How will you do it?

Can you tell me the way?

What is the way to…?

How can I get to…?

a)      But before let’s listen to the dialogue from our text book. Ex.3a p. 91. Listen and tell me where does the stranger want to get?

b)       OK. That’s good. Let’s read the dialogue.

c)      I want you to make your dialogues on the plan from our text-book. You work in pairs. You’re a stranger and you’re a passer-by.

7 Thank you for your work today. Your home task is ex. 4 p. 91. Read it please. Is it clear? Now your marks are… Thank you. You are free.

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