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Комментарий к проведению урока-презентации по теме "Австралия"



Слайд 1.

English is spoken in many countries of the world. Do you know in what countries English is national language?

First of all it is Great Britain, and then you should remember about the United States of America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.



Слайд 2.

Today we shall speak about one of the English-Speaking Countries. Look at this picture and answer my questions:

-         What country is it?

-         Is it big or small?

-         Is this an island or continent?

-         What oceans is this country washed by?

Well, let's speak about Australia.


Слайд 3.

The official name of Australia is the Commonwealth of Australia.


Слайд 4.

Слайд 5.

Read the information on the screen.


Слайд 6.

The history of Australia began many years ago.

Let's read the text about the history of Australia and then answer some questions.


History of Australia.

The east coast of Australia was discovered by captain Cook in 1770. It was then first used as a colony for convicts (каторжник). Other settlements of a few three settlers began to appear. Of these settlements Sydney was the most important; but other smaller settlements for convicts were in Tasmania, at Brisbane, and on the Swan River in Western Australia.

The early settlers were very cruel (жестокий) to the aborigines. They were killed or driven away from their lands. The discovery of gold in 1851 brought many people to Australia and the character of the colony began to change. But still, the raising (разведение) of sheep was for a long time the most important occupation for the Australians.

Towards the end of the 19th century, the Australian colonies began to discuss some form of union. They formed a federation, the new constitution was introduced on January 1, 1901; and the birth of the new nation was celebrated.


Слайд 7.

Answer the following questions.

1. What part of Australia was first used as a colony?

2. How did the early settlers behave towards the aborigines?

3. Why did very many people go to Australia after 1851?

4. When was the new nation born in Australia?


Слайд 8.

Слайд 9.

Слайд 10.

Слайд 11.

Слайд 12.

Read the information on the screen and try to understand it.

Слайд 13.

Now we shall speak about wild life of Australia.


Слайд 14.

Слайд 15.

Слайд 16.

Read the information on the screen and try to understand it.


Слайд 17.

Do You know what is the capital of Australia? Yes, you are right, it is Canberra.


Слайд 18.

You should remember that there are 5 big cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.


Слайд 19.

And now I want ask some questions about what factors explain the following peculiarities of Australia?


Слайд 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26.


Слайд 27.

You've got general information about Australia and now I believe you can answer my questions. But you have the text about Australia. This text help you to find the answers.



The Commonwealth of Australia.

 The Commonwealth of Australia is a federal state within the Commonwealth. Its territories are the continent of Australia, the island of Tasmania and a number of smaller islands.  It has an area of about 8 million square kilometers.

The continent is mostly a great plain with mountains in the east and south-east. The western part of the continent forms a plateau which occupies half of the continent. The Central Lowlands is very dry. Through the eastern part of these Central Lowlands run Australia.s greatest rivers, the Murray and the Darling. A number of short rivers flow from the Australian Alps and the Blue Mountains into the Pacific Ocean.

Australia has several different climatic regions, from warm to subtropical and tropical. The winds from the sea bring heavy rainfalls, especially in tropical summer. The climate in the west is very dry and more than half of Australia gets very little rain. In the south-west and east the winds bring rain in winter.

The tropical forests in the north and north-east are displaced by savanna or grassland. In the south-east and on the sides of the mountains there are forests of eucalyptus and other evergreen trees. There are two hot deserts in the central and western parts of the continent.

There are many wild animals in Australia. Some of them, such as the kangaroo, the dingo and the koala are not found in any other country of the world.  Australia has been called .the land of differences. and .the continent of contrasts.. There are many ways in which it is different from other countries. Australia was separated from the other continents and her animals developed differently. Of these, the strangest of all are the water-loving platypus and the echidna. Australia is also the home of the kangaroos. The koala is a tree-loving, comical-looking animal that lives on the leaves of eucalyptus trees. It will eat nothing more. The dingo is the only killer among the native animals. Most of them now live in mountains or hills. The native birds of Australia are very interesting. The emu, for example, which with kangaroo, is represented on the Australian coat-of-arms, is the next-tallest bird in the world after the ostrich.

The capital of Australia is Canberra. There are 5 big cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane. There are about 15 million people in Australia. The Commonwealth of Australia consists of six states and two territories: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, the Federal Capital Territory and the Northern Territory. The Commonwealth of Australia is a self-governing federal state. Formally the head of the state is the king or queen of England represented by the Governor-General. The Federal Parliament consists of the Senate and the House of Representatives. The federal government of the country is headed by the Prime Minister.




.         By whom was Australia discovered and when was it happened?

.         When was the birth of the new nation celebrated?

.         What is the official name of Australia?

.         What landscape is typical of Australia?

.         Name the greatest rivers of Australia?

.         What animals live in Australia?

.         Name big cities of Australia.

.         What is the capital of Australia?


-         Australia was discovered by Captain Cook. 

-         The birth of the new nation was celebrated on January 1, 1901.

-         It is the Commonwealth of Australia.

-         Much of the land is a useless desert, it is mostly a great plain with mountains too.

-         They are the Murray and the Darling

-         They are the kangaroo, the dingo, the emu, the platypus, the koala, the echidna.

-         There are 5 big cities in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

-         The capital of Australia is Canberra



Слайд 28.

 Your home task: be ready for retelling .

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