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 «Моя любимая еда»

урок в 3 классе

(на базе УМК « Excellent 1»)

учитель английского языка гимназии № 19 г.Казани

Краснова Гульсина Ибрагимовна


  1. Hello boys and girls!  How are you? How is your mum? Is she at home? How is your dad? Is he at home? Are you happy? Are you sad? Are you hungry? Today we are going to speak about food and your favourite food.

  2. Now we are in the house. Whose is this house? Listen and guess! 

a)      She is thin and old. Her hair is white. She has got glasses. She has got a garden. Who is she? (Miss Mumpkin)

b)       Miss Mumpkin has got young friends. Who are they?

She is young and short. She has got fair hair. She is Ricks sister. Who is she? (She is Megan)

c)      He is tall and thin. He has got brown hair. Who is he? (He is Rick)

d)      He is tall and thin. His hair is black and curly. He has got glasses. Who is he? (He is Ben)

e)      She is tall and thin. Her hair is red. She has got a parrot. Who is she? (She is Sally)

3. So, the children are in Miss Mumpkin’s house. Let us listen to them!

(Children play parts for Miss Mumpkin, Megan, Rick and Ben and act the scene in the garden)

4. Let us ask other children what they like and what they don’t like. Let us have an interview and choose a reporter.

(P1 asks Ps yes-no questions, e.g. Do you like pizza?)

5. I have got my favourite food, too. Look at the small pictures and guess what I like ore don’t like. If I say “Yes” you put a tick(v), if I say “ No” you put a cross(x). Well, what do I like?

But my favourite food is sausages.

6.         Let us sing the song about my favourite food “5 fat sausages” and do exercises!

7.          (Pointing to the pictures on the board ) Look at the pictures! They are about food too. This is English breakfast. Englishmen like sausages, too and they have them for breakfast. They have fried eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms, too. They have fried bread and tea or coffee. This is English favourite food – fish and chips. Englishmen have fish and chip shops. Boys and girls have lunch or dinner at school. This is school dinner. On Sundays the family is at home and children, their mothers and fathers have their favourite food and drinks. They like salad, chicken and chips. In the picture you can see Sunday lunch.

8.          In Russia we have breakfast, lunch and dinner. What do you have for breakfast (lunch, dinner)? Do you have burgers for your lunch? Do you have yoghurt for your breakfast? Do you have sausages for your lunch or tea?

9.         Teacher shares the pictures of food to the groups of pupils. Lets sing the “Pizza song“ together!

10.     I like to go to our dining room. Lets look what we have got in the menu for today (pointing to the menu on the board) So, what is for breakfast (lunch, dinner)?

11.     Now let us make our menu. I give you flash cards with words and one group makes the menu for breakfast, one – for lunch, one – for dinner.

12.     Let us have fun and find food words across and down on the cards. (Pupils work individually).

13.     Homework: to make a menu for Sunday (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

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