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( 6,5 )




- 90 .


I .

( 1)

Today we have unusual lesson because well work with computer. Our lessons theme is Holidays. But first of all you should answer my questions:


( 2)

  1. Do you celebrate any holidays?

  2. What is your favorite holiday?

  3. How do you celebrate your favorite holiday?

  4. With whom do you usually spend your holiday?


( 3)

Last lessons weve learned some holidays and traditions. Please tell what Russian holidays youve learned


( 4)

Now, please, speak about American, Russian and British holidays


( 5)

Look at the sentences in your cards and match the holidays and their description


II  .

What holiday is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November?


( 6)


Yes, you are quite right.

Now lets read the text and then answer the following questions.


( 7)

(questions to the text)

1. When did the pilgrims sail to America?

2. What was the name of their ship?

3. Who helped the pilgrims to survive?

4. Why did the pilgrims decide to celebrate the Thanksgiving feast?

5. When do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

6. What is the main dish?


Listen to the poems about that interesting holiday.


( 8)

Its happy Thanksgiving,

Thanksgiving! Hooray!

Were going to dinner

At Grangmas today.


Though the weather is windy

And chilly and gray,

Our family is happy

This Thanksving Day!


Thanksgiving Day is here today,

The great parade is under way,

And though its drizzling quite a bit

Im sure that Ill see all of it.

Thank you for all my hands can hold

Apples red, and melons gold,

Yellow corn both ripe and sweet,

Peas and beans so good to eat.


Thank you for all my eyes can see

Lovely sunlight, field and tree,

White clouds boats and see deep sky,

Soaring birds and butterfly.


Thank you for all my ears can hear

Birds song echoing far and near,

Songs of little stream, big sea,

Cricket, bullfrog, duck, and bee!


( 9)

Nobody knows the date of the first Thanksgiving feast. But we do know that the Pilgrims and Indians enjoyed a huge feast of deer, goose, duck, oyster, eel, bread, fruit and corn meal pudding. Everything was cooked over open fires. The first Thanksgiving feast have lasted for 3 days.


( 10)

Do you know what meal people enjoy nowadays?...

Yes, you are right. And now I want to suggest you time for fun. ( - ; )


1. Here we go over to Silly Tilleys

Silly Tilleys, Silly Tilleys,

Here we go over to Silly Tilleys

On Thanksgiving Day.


2. Mrs. Squirrel brought acorn jam,

Acorn jam, acorn jam,

Mrs. Squirrel brought acorn jam,

On Thanksgiving Day.


3. Mr. Woodchuck brought nut cake,

Brought nut cake, brought nut cake,

Mr. Woodchuck brought nut cake

On Thanksgiving Day.


4. Mr. Turkey brought corn to pop,

Corn to pop, corn to pop,

Mr. Turkey brought corn to pop,

On Thanksgiving Day.

5. Mr. Chipmunk brought cranberry stew,

Cranberry stew, cranberry stew,

Mr. Chipmunk brought cranberry stew,

On Thanksgiving Day.


6. Mrs. Fieldmouse brought oat bran pudding,

Oat bran pudding, oat bran pudding,

Mrs. Fieldmouse brought oat bran pudding,

On Thanksgiving Day.


7. Mr. Bunny brought potato pie,

Potato pie, potato pie,

Mr. Bunny brought potato pie,

On Thanksgiving Day.


8. It was the very best Thanksgiving,

Best Thanksgiving,

It was the very best Thanksgiving,

The animals had ever had!


And now, children, answer my question:

What is the name of the holiday on the 31st of October? It is an American holiday too. All children like that merry day


( 11)



Its Halloween! Its Halloween!

The moon is full and bright

And we shall see what cant be seen

On any other night.


Oh, yes, that holiday is called Halloween. And what night would it be?


( 12)



If the moon shines

On the black pines,

And an owl flies,

And a ghost cries,

And the hairs rise

On the back, on the back

On the back of your neck


( 13)



If you look quick

At the moon-slick

On the black air

And what goes there

Rides a broom-stick,

And if things pick

At the back, at the back,

At the back of your neck.


We know what we mean

Thats Halloween!


( 14)

Do you know that Halloween is celebrated in the United States more than in Europe?

And now I want you to read the text about the history of that holiday. And then lets do exercises. But first of all you should read these words.


Read and understand the text you have.


( 15)

Answer the following questions to the text:


1. When did Halloween begin?

2. Why do people wear scary masks on that holiday?

3. What do children dress up on the 31st of October?

4. What is the traditional question?

5. What is one of the Halloween's symbols?

6. What do children like to make lanterns out of?


( 16)

They say that all creatures become alive at 12 oclock at night. Lets get acquainted with them.


( 17) .

- ,


What are they?


1. Out of the graveyard

Filled with stones,

No hair or skin,

Im nothing but bones (skeleton)


2. My hat is black,

My face is green,

My laugh is mean.

I ride a broom

On Halloween (witch)


3. My door is gone,

My windows cracked,

Ghosts float through walls

And then float back.

You hear strange noises:

Bam, bang and whack!


4. I fly at night,

I hunt by sound,

I live in a cave,

And sleep upside down.

People are scared,

They shouldnt be.

I eat mice and bugs.

5. My eyes are gold,

My fur is black,

I hiss and spit,

And arch my back.

My claws are sharp.

I might attack!


6. I like to stay

Just out of sight.

If you see me,

I might be white.

I float through houses

In the black of night


7. I grew on vine,

Right on the ground.

I have a big smile,

My face is round


8. The shadows chase

The sun away.

The stars come out

To dance and play.

Im at the end

Of another day


( 18)

This fun Halloween quiz is about the holiday that sends shivers up your spine. Match the right answers.


1. Who started Halloween?

a) the Celts              b) the Druids              c) the Britons


2. The largest Halloween parade is held in

a) New York             b) Paris                   c) Moscow


3. The animal that best symbolizes the holiday is the

a) fox                      b) black cat              c) wolf


4.  Which of the following countries does not celebrate Halloween?

a) Canada              b) Italy                     c) Great Britain


5. The colors traditionally associated with the holiday are

a) orange and black               b) white and yellow                c) blue and red


6. Halloween is also a harvest celebration. Name the fruit that best symbolizes the season?

a) lemon                      b) pumpkin                     c) orange


III. .

Today we have remembered some holidays and have learned their history, symbols. And lets check up what youve learned at the lessons.


Match the holiday with the picture.

A. Independence Day

B. Christmas

C. Halloween

D. Columbus Day

E. Presidents Day

F. St. Patricks Day

G. New Years Day

H. Easter

I. Valentines Day

J. Martin Luther kings Birthday









1.      April 1st is a day when

2.      Victory Day is a holiday when

3.      Easter is a religious holiday when

4.      Labour Day is a holiday when

5.      Christmas is a religious holiday when

a) people in our country honour works.

b) people play tricks on friends.

c) people have parades and ceremonies to honour those who died in the Great Patriotic War

d) people have parties, light candles and give each other gifts.

e) many people have gathering eating dyed eggs, paskha and kulich.





There is one day a year when all Americans stay home with their families and eat a big dinner. This is Thanksgiving Day. The pilgrims celebrated the first Thanksgiving Day in the fall of 1621. The pilgrims sailed to America from Plymouth, England, in September, 1620. They came to America for religious freedom. They were among the first European settlers in America. The name of their ship was the Mayflower. They landed at Plymouth Rock in December, 1620.

There were people living in America before the pilgrims arrived. These people were the Native American Indians. They began settling in America about 25,000 years ago. They hunted, fished and farmed to survive. The pilgrims first winter in the New World was difficult. Without food, half of the pilgrims died. The following spring the Indians taught the pilgrims how to hunt, fish, plant and survive in America. The crops did well, and in the fall of 1621 the pilgrims had a great harvest. They were thankful and decided to celebrate with a Thanksgiving feast. They prepared a dinner of turkey, corn, beans and pumpkins and they invited their Indian friends.

Americans still celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the fall, on the 4th Thursday in November. Turkey is still the main dish and pumpkin pie is the most popular dessert.





Halloween is an old English holiday of joke.  It is the last night in October. Halloween began more than 2 000 years ago among the Celtic people of Britain and France. Now many Englishmen like to celebrate Halloween. It is a popular American holiday too. For example, in New York old and young take part in Halloween festivals.

 There are many legends about Halloween. The people wear scary masks of the witches and wizards, because they say ghosts and witches come out on Halloween. The witch has a broomstick and her favourite pet is a black cat.

On the 31st of October many English and American children like to have parties. They dress up as witches, ghosts, goblins, devils, vampires or anything scary. They also dress in a costume as cats, pirates, clowns, TV characters. They take pumpkins and big paper bags and go along the streets and knock at the doors of the houses. Children ask the traditional questions Trick or treat? On Halloween English and American boys and girls eat, sing, dance and play funny games. They always enjoy Halloween parties a lot.

One of the Halloweens symbols is a lantern made of pumpkin. Children like to make lanterns out of big orange or yellow pumpkins. They cut out the eyes, nose and mouth and put a lighted candle inside the lantern.