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Use of rhymes and songs for teaching lexical and grammatical material


Зебра Татьяна Федоровна

Украина, Донецкая обл., г. Селидово


   Successful and fruitful teaching English depends on lots of things, and getting pupils interested in English being one of them. A teacher is to play an important part in the process of teaching English. In my opinion a teacher should be a good designer of his lessons, he should know what to teach and how to teach for pupils to enjoy English. And I always bear in my mind the following: to use one and same method for a long time is too boring for pupils, they lose their interest in English and learning it.

   Of course, the central place is taken by communicative creative exercises including pair and group work, making up stories, dialogues, discussions, different competitions. But a special attention in teaching pupils lexical material and gramma I focus on rhymes and songs. I think it is very useful and interesting for pupils. It adds a lovely note to a class. It’s one of the best ways of brightening up the English lessons and at the same time to advance the specific goal of helping pupils to have a better command of the English language patterns. And the main thing is that I try to make up poems in such a way that they would correspond to the lexico-grammatical material of the lesson. If it is possible we sing the poems on the melodies of well-known songs.

   Here are some examples of the poems and songs I use at my lessons.

                                          I can

                            I can run and I can jump

                              I can sing and I can dance

                              Can you run? Can you dance?

                              Can you answer me at once?

                              I am at the window

                                I am at the window

                              She is at the door

                              He is at the blackboard

                              We are on the floor.

                            I have

                                I have a pen

                                She has a hen

                              I have a shirt

                              She has a skirt

                              I have a cherry

                              She has a berry

                              I have a cat

                              She has a hat.

             My father

                          My father is a tall

                             And handsome man

                             His hair is dark

                             And his eyes are grey

                             He looks like his mother

                             I must say.

                                       My mother

                        My mother is pretty

                             My mother is nice

                               She has a straight nose

                               And beautiful eyes

                               Her hair is fair

                             Her lips are red

                             She is always tidy and well dressed.

                                      My friend

                             My friend is handsome

                             My friend is kind

                             He has a straight nose

                             And brown eyes

                             His hair is dark

                               His lips are thin

                               His clothes are pressed

                               And always clean.


                              My friend is strong and healthy

                              Because he goes in sports

                              He is fond of football and hockey

                              He is good at swimming, boxing and what not.

                               Seasons and weather

                              Your favourite season is winter

                              Her favourite season is spring

                              His favourite season is autumn

                              And summer is the best season for me.


                              The weather in autumn is windy

                              The weather in summer is hot

                              The weather in spring is snowy

                              In spring it is sunny and warm.


                              In summer there are many flowers

                              In spring all the trees become green

                              In winter we have winter holidays

                              The harvest in autumn is rich/

                                     Seasons and weather

                                      (Degrees of comparison)


                                   The finest season is summer

                                   The greenest one is spring

                                   Autumn is the richest

                                      With its fruit ripe and sweet.


                                   When the weather is good

                                   We shall be in good mood

                                   When the weather is better

                                   We shall go and play with Sveta

                                   When the weather is the best

                                   We shall have a good rest.


-         Do you like to go shopping?

-         Yes, of course.

-         Do you like to go shopping?

-         Yes, of course.

-         Do you like to go shopping

And to buy some tea or coffee

     Do you like to go shopping?

-         Yes, of course.



-         Do you like to buy the presents?

-         Certainly.

-         Do you like to buy the presents?

-         Certainly.

-         Do you like to buy the presents and to give them to your parents

                   Do you like to buy the presents?

-         Certainly.



               -    Do you like to buy the chocolate and sweets?

                    Do you like to buy the chocolate and sweets?

               -    Oh, it goes without saying

                    All the children and teenagers

Like to buy and eat the chocolate and sweets.


The Christ resurrection is

A joyful feast

People bless pasky

                             And call it the Easter.

                              William Shakespeare

                                       This writer is the genius

                                     Well-known in the whole world

                                     His books are read with interest

                                     By young people and old.

                             School. School subjects

                                       English Russian History

                                       Nature Study and PT

                                       Learn the children every day

                                       in our school.

                                       To read and write and

                                       to sing songs

                                       To speak English and to draw

                                       Learn the children every day

                                       in our school.


                                       Our school is very nice

                                       And the teachers give advice

                                       How to learn and to get

                                       knowledge at the lessons

                                       And the pupils are all right

                                       Clever, brilliant and kind

                                       And they say that our school

                                       for them the best is.


                                       Maths Geography and Art

                                       Computer Study Music Sport

                                       Learn the children every day

                                       in our school.

                                       To do the sums to jump

                                       and dance

                                       To play computer and discuss

                                       Learn the children every day

                                       in our school.

                     Time expressions with Present Perfect

                                        Ever, never, just and since

                                        Yet, already and this week

                                        Lately, recently are used

                                        in Present Perfect.

                                        We must remember all of them

                                        To write to spell and to translate

                                        Not to make mistakes

                                        When we are speaking English.


   I have mentioned only one way of getting the interested in learning English. The more I work the more I understand that a teacher should always be in creative search for ways of getting pupils greatly interested in English and learning it. The profession of a teacher requires constant work and learning enriching your outlook, enthusiasm and bright fresh ideas.


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