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At the lesson, In the street, In the corridor, After watching the film, At home



, ,


:  At the lesson, In the street, In the corridor, After watching the film,

             At home.


:  ,  

            . to be, Past, Present Simple.


: / The friends, pictures, : , .


I.                   T.Today we have a lesson a role game. We can be in different situations

          ( ). It cane be at the beginning of the lesson.


          P1.Good morning! Im sorry I am late. May I sit down ?

          T.But why are you late ?

          P1.My watch is wrong.

          T. Sit down, please? but dont be late.

          P1.Ill never be late.


II.                T.Every morning you go to school. On your way to school you meet your



          P2.Hello!        P2 Nice to see you!

          P3.Hi!             P2 Glad to meet you!


          P3.How are you ?

          P2.Fine, thanks. And how are you?

          P3.Well, thank you.


          P2.What a nice winter day!

          P3.What good weather! It is cold, but the sun is shining.

          P2.Yes, it is a nice day today.


          P3.Do you like winter?

          P2.Yes, I do. What do you like to do in winter?

          P3.I like to ski, to skate, to play snowballs, to make a snowman.

          P2.Weve come to school. Lets go to the classroom and prepare it for lessons.

          P3.Well, we are on duty today.


III.             T.After every lesson we have breaks. And we can have such situations. Two pupils touched each other in the corridor.

P4.Oh, Im sorry.

P5.Not at all.




IV.            T.Now, lets see the film The friends. And pupils discuss the film, after watching.


          P6.We have seen a catoon, the havent we ?

          P7.Yes, we have seen a good, short film ?

          P6.What is the film like ?

          P7.It is a nice, coloured film ?

          P6.What is its name ?

          P7.It is The friends.

          P6.What is the film about ?

          P7.The film is about four friends.

          P6.What are they ?

          P7.They are the elephant, the monkey, the parrot, the boa.

          P6.What are their names ?

          P7.Their names are Chita.

          P6 and P7.Role out the scene, where the friends measure the snake.


V.               T.We visit each other, have tea, have birthday party.

P8.Visits her friend.

P9.At home on Sunday.

P8.Good morning !

P9.Good morning ! We are glad to see you. (We are going) lets have tea. Sweets, please. Biscuits, please! A cup of tea, please.

P8.Thank you. Do, please.

P9.A piece of cake, please.

P8.With pleasure.


The end: So, be polite in every situation.


, .