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Unit 2. City

Vocabulary. Asking about a street.


Ex. 1. Do you know the meanings of these words?

Town, city, district, center, street, lane, square, village, pavement, road, country


Ex. 2. Do you know the difference between the following pairs of words:

city / townГерб города Новосибирска

area / district

village / country

road / way

port / harbour

downtown / uptown


Making a plan

Ex. 3. Imagine you are on your town around the city Novosibirsk. Decide where you are now and write sentences about these places.

Кинотеатр им. МаяковскогоExamples: I've already been to the cinema "Mayakovsky".

I haven't been to the Novosibirsk Picture Gallery.

I still haven't been to the Novosibirsk Conservatory of Music.


Ex. 4. Write a list of places you have visited in your own city.


Means of communication

Ex. 5. Learn the following dialogue:

A: Excuse me!

B: Yes?

A: How do I get to the nearest underground station?

B: Cross the street and walk straight as far as the square. Cross the square and turn to the right.

A: Is it far from here?

B: No, not so far.

A: Thank you. You are very kind.

B: Not at all. You are welcome.


Ex. 6. Practice making the following questions and answers.






take to get there?





take to get to





"Central" hotel?





take to get to the Opera







Ex. 7. Match the two parts:


1.    Take bus number 5 and

2.  Then change to

3.  Can you tell me the way to the

4.  How far is

5. How long does it take me

6. Is there a bus from here to

a)  Akademgorodok?

b)  theatre "Krasny Fakel"?

c)   Red Avenue from here?

d)  to get to the City Airport?

e) to the underground "Studencheskaya"?

f)   get off at the third stop?


Ex. 8. Render the contents of the dialogue in indirect speech.

A.  Is your place of work far from your home?

B.  Oh, yes, quite a long way off.

A.  How long does it take you to get there?

B.  It takes me about 30 minutes to get there by bus. I take bus number 7 and go as far as Lenin Square, where I change to bus number 45.

A.  And how far is the office from the bus stop?

B.  It is just a five-minutes' walk.

A.  And can you get there by tram?

B.  Yes, quite easy. It is even more convenient to go by tram, for the tram takes me right there.

A.  Then why do you go by bus?

B.  Just to save time. I'm always in a hurry.


Ex. 9. In groups, find out about other people's transport.

Example: A. How do you get to school? - B. On foot.

A. How long does it take to you? - B. 20 minutes.


Round the city

Ex. 10. Read the text and say a few words about a city you live in.

ГУМ РоссияNovosibirsk is a major industrial centre. Under the 5-year plan, dozens of factories have been built producing unique heavy machine-tools, powerful generators, televisions-sets and radio-parts, farm machinery, various apparatus and so on.

Products bearing the trade mark "Made in Novosibirsk" not once attracted interest at international exhibitions and world fairs in Paris, Montreal, Leipzig, Osaka and many others.

Вид города с высотыNovosibirsk has also acquired the status of one of the Soviet Union's main scientific centres. Akademgorodok (Academy Town), where institutes and laboratories of the Siberian Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences are located, has been built on the shores of the Ob Sea - the storage lake of the Novosibirsk Hydroelectric Power Station. It is 25 km away from Novosibirsk.

Today the Siberian Branch incorporates 43 research centres with a total staff exceeding 25.000. Among them are 70 Academicians and. Corresponding Members of the Academy, and approximately 300 Doctors and 3.000 Candidates of Science.

A branch of Agricultural Academy and the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences have been opened in Novosibirsk.


Ex. 11. Find some more information about Novosibirsk.


Ex. 12. Draw a map of central Novosibirsk.


Ex. 13. Write out the expressions for the following topics:

1.   type of a city

2.  location

3.  size/population

4.  famous landmarks

5.  main means of transport

6.  cultural facilities


Ex 14 Make up sentences according to the model:

Example: (a district, power of self government, a borough)

A district that has power of self-government is called a borough


1.  A town, local self-government, a municipality;Кинотеатр "Аврора"

2.  A town, a harbour, a port;

3.  A town, special rights in self-government, a city;

4.  The governing body of a town, the town council;

5.  A seaside town, a watering place;

6.  A town, to hold a market, a market-town;

7.  Persons, to belong to the same town, fellow-townsmen;

8.  The business part of a town, downtown;

9.  The residential part of a town, uptown;


Ex. 15. Give Russian equivalents to English ones:


1.  If each would sweep before his own door we should have a clean city.

2.  The longest way round is the shortest way home.

3.  Where there is a will, there's a way.

4.  East or West Home is best.

5.  There is no home without fire.

6.  There are more ways to the woods than one.



Ex. 16 Make the following statements disjunctive questions. Work in pairs.

1.  Your friend lives in town, doesn't he?

2.  He doesn't feel like staying in town for the summer.

3.  She's going to spend the weekend in town.

4.  It's a long way from here.

5.  There's no way through.

6.  You are going my way.

7.  We don't know which way to turn.

8.  Let's get out of town for a couple of days.

9.  She's gone down town to do some shopping.

10. They live uptown.

11. They are proud of their town.


Ex. 17. Look at the words below and list the advantages and disadvantages of both cities

Crime, shops, discos, sports, traffic, restaurants, buildings, cinemas, theatres, churches, noise, parks, green avenues, quilt streets, lakes, monuments, pollutions











Quiet streets(+)


Ex. 18. Say which place you would like to live in the city or the country. Why?


Ex. 19. Make up your own sentences using the following word combinations


Цветомузыкальный фонтанTo get there, to get home by taxi, to get off, to get on


To lose one's way, to lose oneself, to be lost


To turn round the corner, to turn aside


At a distance, within walking distance, a long distance off


This road leads to, to follow the road, to take the road, over the road


Ex. 20. Complete the table







Traffic jam/ pollution



























Ex. 21 Listen to the dialogue and learn it by heart

A: I say, what are your plans for today?

B: Nothing special, Why?

A: I want you to show me round. You have been living in Novosibirsk for almost 10 years, so you know better. What is worth seeing.

B: All right. Let's come for a ride with me. I'll show you some of the sights.

A: It will be very kind of you.

B: So we can start from Lenin Square and go along Red Avenue. We shall pass the State Picture Gallery, The Cinema "Mayakovsky", the Novosibirsk Public Library.

A: Do you know what the Center is famous for?

B: No idea.

A: It's famous for its theatres, movies, parks and, of course, The Novosibirsk State Conservatory of Music.

B: If you are interested in music you should visit it some day.

A: Sure.

B: But I'm interested in science more. I'm looking forward to visiting Akademgorodok.

A: In that case I'll take you there tomorrow.


Ex. 22. Look at the picture and describe it.

Театр оперы и балета


Ex. 23. Answer the following questions:

1.  Where is the Opera and Ballet Theatre situated?

2.   Is it far from your place?

3.   How can you get to the theatre from your place?

4.   How long does it take you to get there?

5.   Do you often visit this theatre?

6.   Have you ever been to any Opera performance?

7.   Are you a theatre-goes?

8.   What is on at the Opera Theatre now?


Ex. 24. Translate into English and reproduce:

-   Ты хочешь пойти в "Красный Факел"?

-   I have been dreaming of it for a long time.

-   Я постараюсь достать билеты.

-   It will be very kind of you.

-   Ты знаешь, где находится этот театр?

-   No idea. I am a stranger in Novosibirsk.

-   "Красный факел" находится на улице Ленина, рядом с кинотеатром "Победа" не далеко от станции метро.

-   I'll try to remember it.


Ex. 25. Which is the odd word out?

a)  Bicycle, car, lorry, helicopter

b)  Cathedral, museum, theatre, milk, shop

c)  Street, lane, avenue, pavement

d)  Park, square, street, library


Ex. 26. In pairs, make a list of things to do for young people where you live. Give names of places, times they are open and how to get there.

Example: Swimming: Dynamo Pool, open 9.00 a.m.-8.00 p.m. (underground).


Ex. 27. Write three sentences comparing where you live with Moscow or London.

Example: Size: Novosibirsk is smaller than Moscow.


Строительство Новосибирского Глсударственного Академического Театра Оперы и Балета (1935 год)



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