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Unit 5 Music in Siberia


Ex. 1. Read the text and answer the questions.


The Novosibirsk State Conservatory of Music.

Up to recently the Novosibirsk Conservatory of Music was the first and the only music higher educational institution in Siberia and the Far East. Young people devoted to music study here to become professional musicians in each sphere of music art, composition, experts in music. A fair number of graduates become teachers of music schools and colleges, they are members of music organization and work in musical theatres all over Russia and abroad.

The Conservatory of Music was opened in 1956 to admit 58 students. Now the students body is about 800. One can hear good music all day long in the day time and at night. The Conservatory of Music stands in the very centre of the city in Sovjetskaya Street, 31. On the left-hand side is the monument dedicated to M. Glinka — the first composer of Russian National Style, whose name our conservatory bears. On the right-hand side is the Central Post-Office.

On the ground floor is a hall with a magnificent staircase leading to classrooms, laboratories and studios, a cloak-room and a canteen. A good library with a fine selection of musical and fictional literature is also on the ground floor. The Conservatory's Maly and Bolshoi Halls are used for concerts and meetings.


1.      Where do many talented pupils enter the musical schools and colleges?

2.      What faculties are there in the Conservatory?

3.      Do the pupils have to take different entrance examination?

4.      How long does the training course last?

5.      Why is the violin school a special pride?

6.      What prominent musicians of Novosibirsk are well known all over the country?

7. Who is the director (conductor) of our Novosibirsk Symphony Orchestra?


Ex. 2. Which is the odd word out?

a)      Violin, viola, cello, double-bass, orchestra

b)      Piano, musicology and composition, choral conducting, folk instruments, vocal singing, music

c)      Musician, composer, conductor, singer, librarian

d)      Conservatory, music school, music lyceum, the conservatory museum


Ex. 3. Complete the following sentences using the words from the text:

1.      Young people devoted to music study here to become...

2.      Student's study at six faculties...

3.      Much attention is paid to...

4.      The folk Instruments Orchestra of the Novosibirsk Radio and Television...

5.      For the same purpose the Music Lyceum...

6.      The Novosibirsk Conservatory of Music was the first and...

7.      The Conservatory Museum has...


Ex. 4. Translate into English:

1.      Музыкальная консерватория открылась в 1956 году, приняв 58 студентов.

2.      Сейчас студентов около 800.

3.      В течение всего дня и даже ночью можно слышать музыку в стенах консерватории.

4.      Консерватория находится в самом центре города на улице Советской, 31.

5.      Слева от консерватории находится памятник М. Глинке – первому национальному композитору России, чье имя носит наша консерватория.

6.      Справа от консерватории находится Центральный Почтамт.

7.      Малый и большой залы консерватории используются для концертов, конференций и встреч.


Ex. 5. Make up dialogues on the following topics:

1.      You are interviewing an applicant for a musical teaching profession.

2.      You are talking to a foreigner looking for some information about music life in Siberia.

3.      Your younger brother made up his mind to become a musician. Try to courage him.

4.      Speak about images or word pictures that help creating the mood during the "First Concert" by Chaikovsky.


Ex. 6. Working in groups, do the following tasks:

1.      Write a list of famous English composers.

2.      Design a reference booklet about Russian musicians of the XX century.


Ex. 7. Cultural Quiz: How well do you know music?

1. Elvis was born in...

a)       Russia

b)      The UK

c)       The USA

2. The most successful American group of the sixties was...

a)       The Grateful Dead

b)      The Beach Boys

c)       The Ronettes

3. Songs "Imagine",'' Girl, Because" were written by...

a)      B.Wilson

b)      E.Clapton

c)      J. Lennon

4. The "Beatles" were from...

a)      London

b)      Liverpool

c)      Oxford

5. Progressive rock and heavy metal were two of the most interesting kinds of pop in...

a)       The fifties

b)      The sixties

c)       The seventies

6. The music of ... was loud, unmusical, ugly and very different from love and peace of the sixties

a)      Pop

b)      Rock

c)      Punk

7. The Bee Jeeps and the Swedish group Abba represented completely different kind of music: ...

a)      Blues

b)      Rock and roll

c)      Disco

8. The biggest black superstar of the eighties was...

a)      L.Armstrong

b)      O. Redding

c)      M. Jackson

9. The eighties superstar... is a very good dancer, her music is loud, fast, exciting disco music.

a)      T. Turner

b)      Sher

c)      Madonna

10. ... is a kind of music when talk more than sing fast over the music coming from live musicians or from a DJ, or from different records.

a)      Punk

b)      Gospel

c)      Rap


Ex. 8. Project Work.

1.      Write a short report on why you like (or don't like) pop music.

2.      Write a story about a boy or girl who becomes a famous pop star.

3.      Write a short story of a singer or a band that you like a lot.

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