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Unit 7. Economy of the Novosibirsk Region

(Novosibirsk Industry)


Ex.1. Read the word combinations given below. Do you know what they mean?

machine building, light engineering, heavy engineering, metal-working plant, research establishment, iron casting, the purest tin, chemical concentrated products, joint-stock company, asbestine cement works, ferro-concentrate structures plant, thermoelectric power station, food-processing factory, fodder crops, livestock farming.


Ex.2. Economy of the Novosibirsk Region

Novosibirsk is the largest industrial center in the Asian part of Russia. Nearly all industrial enterprises of the region are situated in this city. Industrial Novosibirsk has a wide variety of industry manufacturing different products. They are often unique and a very high quality Novosibirsk industry doesn't only satisfy some needs of Russian economy, but also exports produce to other countries.

The major plants of Novosibirsk are the plant agricultural machine building "Sibselmash", "Sibtekstilmash", "Electrosignal", "Kometa". The most successful of the regional defence industry is the plant of chemical concentrated products. The Novosibirsk tin group of enterprises is the most perspective industrial enterprise. The purest tin in the world is the smelt there.

You can find the oldest Novosibirsk plant in Bolshevistskaya Street. It's the "Trud" plant, which was built in 1906. Since its foundation it produced iron casting and spare part for steam engines and agricultural machines. Later it specialized in the production of industrial equipment.

The joint-stock company "Elsib" is well-known for its turbogenerators. They are able to function not only under Siberian weather conditions but also in the tropics.

The city has numerous modern industrial enterprises. They are the aircraft association, the chemical plant "Himplast", the boot and shoe factory "KORS", the furniture factory; the joint stock company "VINAP" and many others.

As you see Novosibirsk is important for light engineering, chemicals and consumer goods, food and drink production. There are also some heavy engineering and metal working plants.

Some industrial enterprises can be found in other towns of the Novosibirsk region. So, Iskitim has asbestine cement works, two ferro-concrete structures plant and a limestone open-cast mine. In other towns food-processing factories and timber-processing plants are situated.

Western Siberia has traditionally been famous for its agricultural products. Siberian agricultural products has always won high awards and diplomas at international exhibitions and fairs. Some districts of the region specialize in livestock farming. Cereals, vegetables and fodder crops are grown in the region.

Unfortunately the speedy growth of Novosibirsk economy stopped during the last decade. The region entered the period of the economic crisis. But the latest events in the economy of Russia give us hope, that the years to come will bring stabilization and wealth to Siberia.


Ex.3. Answer the questions:

1. Where are the main industrial enterprises of the region situated?

2. What branches of industry are developed in Novosibirsk?

3.   What is the most successful plant of the regional defence industry?

4.  What enterprise smelts the purest tin in the world?

5.    What is the oldest plant in Novosibirsk?

6.    What does "Sibselmash" produce?

7.    Are there any plants and factories in the towns of the region?


Ex.4. Complete the sentences using appropriate form of the verbs in brackets:

1. Novosibirsk __________ a wide variety of industry (have).

2. During the years of the Great Patriotic War 50 enterprises were __________ to Novosibirsk (evacuate).

3. The Novosibirsk Chkalov plant __________ its history in 1930th (start).

4. This aircraft plant __________ one of the biggest in Russia (be).

5. It __________ various planes from small aircrafts to huge air liners (produce).

6. Since the XIX century Siberia __________ famous for its agricultural produce (be).

7. Crops __________ on the vast fields of our region (grow).


Ex.5. Make up word combinations:



1. the biggest

a. plant

2. the oldest

b. tin

3. the purest

с enterprise

4. the most perspective

d. in Russia

5. the latest

e. plant

6. the largest

f. events

7. the most successful

g. industrial centre


Ex.6. Complete the chart:

Name of an enterprise





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