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Unit 1

What is Beauty?


Learning objectives

After studying this unit, you should be able to answer the following questions:

1.      Can people answer the question what beauty is?

2.      Can you offer your understanding what beauty is?

3.      Through what process does human beauty change?

4.      Why do people make a distinction between elements of physical and spiritual beauty?

5.      Where can you find beauty?

6.      How do people understand physical and spiritual beauty?

7.      Why do people believe that beauty will save the world?


Text 1

Beauty - Physical and Spiritual

What is beauty? In my opinion nobody can answer this question exactly. So many people - so many opinions. Beauty may be physical and spiritual. In different times people understood beauty in different ways.

For example, let's take woman's beauty. In the Middle Ages a beautiful woman first of all had to be fat. Slim women were not in fashion. In the 18-19th centuries and earlier corsets came to Russia from the West, from the European countries. Then fat women weren't considered beautiful. All ladies tried to follow the fashion and to make their waists thin. As for beauty nowadays, well, I think there are no definite ideas about theirs. You can look as you want and as you like. All people are different: fat and slim, white and colored, fair- and dark-haired, tall and short. All of us know it and practically none of us agree with it.

Really, it's very difficult to find a person who is pleased with his or her appearance. Women especially are not pleased with it. Women with dark hair dye and make their hair fair. People with smooth hair curl it in locks; those who were rewarded by nature with locks carefully uncurl and smooth it with different gels and foams. People with dark skin dream of becoming white (some even succeed in the realization of this expensive dream). Short people buy boots and shoes with high platforms, and tall people, on the contrary, wear boots with flat soles. In such ways we try to be beautiful.

But not only women may be attractive; men may be handsome too. Here we also collide with different tastes and ideas. As for me, I think that the most handsome man must be tall, with short and fair hair, neither thin nor fat, blue-eyed, and with a dazzling smile. I don't like men with long hair, because they look unattractive. But that's only my opinion.

People may have different tastes, but looking at a very attractive person, for example, a famous actor or a star, or perhaps at a portrait of a very beautiful person, a lot of people will like him or her. It means that our different tastes have something in common.

Beauty may also be in art. There are many kinds of art: music, painting, architecture. Nowadays there are a lot of musical styles - pop, dance, classic, jazz, modern, instrumental, rock, metal and many others. As for me, I like pop, dance and hip-hop. Other people like classical music; some enjoy metal and hard rock. But in my opinion metal and hard rock is not music. What is music? Music is beauty too. It reflects human life and feelings. I don't understand these music styles, but others may hate pop music. Everybody understands music differently.

As for painting, if you have ever been to the Tretyakov Gallery, you could be amazed at the number and kinds of pictures represented there. Many of them delight with their beauty; they are real works of art. But when I was in the Tretyakov Gallery I didn't understand the works of abstract art. Such painting puzzled me, I could not see anything "real" or "natural" in it. There are a lot of lines and colors in the pictures. But those who painted these canvases put definite ideas in them. The artists tried to reflect their feelings and emotion's in these pictures. Unfortunately, I don't understand the works of abstract painters.

Now, a few words about spiritual beauty. What do I mean when talking about spiritual beauty? I mean the beauty of the inner world of a person -kindness, responsibility, readiness to help without any reward, friendliness and other traits of character that make a person beautiful in his or her spirit. Such a person will give warmth to the people that surround him or her. In my opinion, a real beautiful person must combine physical beauty with good traits of character.

By S. Pavlovich, Moscow region


Vocabulary practice

Ex. 1 Read and translate the text using a dictionary if necessary.


Ex. 2 Find in the text the English equivalents of the following:

по моему мнению, сколько людей – столько и мнений, женская красота, быть не в моде, стройная, толстая, быть довольным собой, красить волосы, худеть на талии, быть привлекательной, красивый мужчина, духовная красота, внутренний мир, удивлять, полотно, отражать чувства и эмоции, доброта, готовность помочь.


Ex. 3 Supply the missing words or word combinations choosing among those given below.

1.      In the middle ages a beautiful woman first of all had ___________.

2.      All people are different: fat and slim ______________.

3.      People with dark skin dream of ____________.

4.      But not only women may be attractive: ____________.

5.      Here we also collide with ___________.

6.      It means that our different tastes _____________.

7.      Nowadays there are a lot of musical styles – pop, dance, classic, ___________.


becoming white; to be fat; men may be handsome too; jazz, modern, rock and metal; different tastes and ideas; have smth. in common; white and coloured, tall and short.


Ex. 4 Use the following expressions in sentences of your own:

slim woman, in my opinion, as for me, an attractive person, to be amazed at, delight with, the works of abstract art, the beauty of inner world, traits of character, to give warmth to, to have something in common, different tastes.


Comprehension Exercises

Ex. 1 Read the text and answer the following questions:

1.     How did people understand beauty in different times?

2.     Were slim women in fashion in Russia in the 18-19th centuries?

3.     Are there any definite ideas about women’s beauty nowadays?

4.     Why is it very difficult to find a person who is pleased with his or her appearance?

5.     Why do people with different tastes like the same things or persons?

6.     Where can we find beauty?

7.     Why do people think music is beauty too?

8.     What do the artists try to reflect in their pictures?

9.     Do you agree that a real beautiful person must combine physical beauty with good traits of character?

10.   Do you agree with the proverb: “So many people – so many opinions”?


Ex. 2 Retell the text with the examples of beauty in nature, art, etc.


Ex. 3 Make up a dialogue on spiritual and physical beauty.


Ex. 4 Speak on beauty and its aspects in brief and illustrate your reports with examples and situations of your own.


Ex. 5 Name some famous people in art and comment on them. Why do people think them the items of human beauty as cultural universals?


Ex. 6 Develop the idea “Beauty in Russia” and discuss it with your classmates.


Ex. 7 Quiz:


1. When was the last time you had a really good laugh?

a. within the last few days

b. in the last month or so

c. about a year ago

d. so long ago that you can't remember

2. Which colour do you prefer?

a. blue

b. white

c. red

d. yellow

e. black

3. What's your idea of a great night out?

a. a candlelit dinner for two

b. a noisy party

c. going to the cinema on your own

4. What do you think about when you're alone?

a. the past

b. your plans for the day

c. the future

5. If you could live your life again, who would you like to be

a. a pop star

b. a politician

c. yourself

d. a member of a Royal family

e. a gypsy

6. When do you get up in the morning?

a. at the same time every day

b. the minute you wake up

c. as late in the day as possible

7. What do you consider to be the most important?

a. money

b. friends

c. principles

8. How do you feel if someone's looking at you?

a. embarrassed

b. angry

c. pleased and flattered

9. When are you happiest?

a. at work

b. watching television

c. talking to friends

10. How many really good friends do you have?

a. one or two

b. about six

c. ten or more

d. none

11. What do you expect to happen in the next 12 months?

a. your personal situation will get worse

b. you will achieve an ambition

c. things will stay much as they are

12. What is your attitude to children and pets?

a. life would be dull without them

b. alright if they are somebody else's and are keep under control

c. a big responsibility




1.                a-3 b-2 c-1 d-0

2.                a-2 b-1 c-2 d-2 e-0

3.                a-2 b-2 c-1

4.                a-0 b-3 c-2

5.                a-0 b-1 c-2 d-0 e-0

6.                a-1 b-2 c-0

7.                a-0 b-2 c-1

8.                a-1 b-0 c-2

9.                a-1 b-0 c-2

10.            a-1 b-2 c-3 d-0

11.            a-0 b-2 c-1

12.            a-2 b-0 c-1




1 - 8 It's clear you've got problems. You're more than likely depressed a lot of the time and you probably make others feel miserable too. However, now you know life can be better, you can set about doing something to improve the situation. Start by trying to inject some happiness into the lives of others.

9 -16 Life's not too bad but there's room for improvement. Your score indicates you have the good sense to realise that you may have one or two shortcomings and are willing to put them right. You have the ability to make the most of any situation and this stops you from feeling sorry for yourself.

17-24 You seem to have found the secret of true happiness. You should count yourself a very lucky person to be so well balanced, bright and carefree. The way to carry on being happy is to spread it around to others less fortunate than yourself.


Ex.8 Comment on the question:

“What is more important for a person – a beautiful appearance or happiness?” Read the text and give your arguments


Кинозвезды в поисках женского счастья

Парадокс: богатые, знаменитые, преуспевающие красавицы в большинстве своем в личной жизни не слишком счастливы.

Так, голливудская «звезда» Дженифер Лопес с грустью поведала журналистам, что в свои 30 лет она не верит в любовь с первого взгляда и никак не может встретить «единственного и неповторимого». Дженифер, несмотря на врожденный темперамент (у нее латиноамериканские корни), вполне устраивают платонические отношения с мужчинами. Еще более трезвый взгляд на представителей сильного пола у другой кинодивы 36-летней Сандры Баллок. «Они мечтают, чтобы все мы (женщины) ходили в первозданно голом виде», — уверена она. Не верит Сандра и в комплименты по поводу внешности и нарядов: «Мое тело — вот что их действительно волнует».

Одна из самых известных британских актрис 64-летняя Ванесса Редгрейв в одном из редких откровенных интервью сказала, что очень любит жизнь, однако легко может обходиться без физической близости с мужчиной. И привела в пример свою двухгодичную «невинную» связь с актером Дэвидом Хэйрвудом, который был на 28 лет моложе Ванессы. Так относиться к мужчинам у нее есть веские основания. И ее отец, и ее муж, который умер от СПИДа, были бисексуалами.

Обладательницу короны «Мисс мира» индианку Юкту Мукхей к ее 21 году мужчины бросали четырежды. «Все обычно начиналось романтично и красиво, но как только речь заходила о замужестве, поклонники почему-то убегали», — сетует она. И это от самой красивой девушки мира!

Так что же тогда на самом деле ценят представители сильной половины человечества в прекрасных дамах? Опросов на эту тему проводится множество в разных странах мира — и серьезными институтами, и бульварными газетами. Мужчины независимо от цвета кожи, возраста и социального положения на первое место, как правило, ставят доброту и нежность, надежность и чувство юмора и, конечно же, умение хорошо готовить. Только в одном опросе красота «поднялась» на пятую ступеньку, а в некоторых занимает место лишь во второй десятке.

Вот и подумайте, милые дамы, что важнее — научиться варить суп для любимого или же тратить деньги на то, чтобы сделать свою внешность как можно привлекательнее.


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