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About Beauty

Beauty is a difficult question for discussion, because so many people - so many opinions. Beauty can be in all things that surrounds us and all it depends from us, but many people can't see it.

Beauty is in art, music, architecture, painting, in people, in nature and in other things.

Let's take human's beauty. Women and man can be beauty. There are special performances about them. We must distinguish beautiful and attractive people. Not only appearance is important (cool and modern clothes), but also good traits of character. I mean the beauty of the inner world.

The beautiful person must have such traits of character: friendliness, kindness, responsibility, honesty, nobleness, reliability and many others. The inner world is very important and you begin to understand it when you speak about smth. with somebody. There are a lot of opinions about women beauty. Beauty women must have long and fair hair, dazzling smile, long-legged, air-light, etc. That's why there are so more model competitions.

As for art, it can delights with their beauty. Each painter reflects his different feelings and emotions in his works. Let's look at the works of Bellini Giovanni, Bouts Dirk, Roily Bridget (abstract art), Rafael.

I think they are excellent. The canvases can depict nature, people and so on. The art is a big part of the beauty.

Today we can't leave without music. There are a lot of styles and each of them reflects the inside condition of the human. Every style is good for different situations.

About the architecture beauty we can say that it is different ancient monuments, beautiful buildings and many other constructions.

We also can say a lot of about the beauty in nature. There are a lot of beautiful things there. For example, lakes, rivers, mountains, valleys, sky, waterfalls.

That's why we can say, beauty it is all that conveyances aesthetic and moral pleasure.


Marushchak Aleksandr

9th form, school #63

Novosibirsk, 2004

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