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What should be done to avoid crimes in big cities.

Glinskaya Arina 10 “A”


It's not a secret, that nowadays the crime rate speeds up fast. People are afraid of going out of home, because all of them are potential victims of burglary and so on. How can we stop violence and crimes? This is the most important question nowadays. I think there are two reasons of the people to commit crimes.

First of all it is poverty. There are a lot of have-nots and hoboes in big cities. The problems are unemployment and high cost of living. Everyone suffers from exorbitant rents for tiny flats and a lot of extra expanses. Not every one can pay for flat, so people try to get "easy money"- they begin to commit crimes. I think to avoid this, the wages of have-nots and extended families should be risen or the cost of living should not be so high.

Also the spiritual upbringing is very important. About 90% of offenders are products of unhappy families. On the other hand the children of the rich begin to commit crimes just for fun, they feel themselves unpunished. Nowadays the children criminality is not unusual. And it's awful! How to stop it, it's the main question for people. First, I think it will be right to insert the material of our criminal code into school program. Second, a lot of children after school do what they want, this is how they mix in the street gangs. It will be better for them to go to different musical schools, computer schools etc. Leisure organizing is very important. The second reason is hard work of present day police. It's not a secret that if your house is not properly guarded and there is no policemen walking around, your house become the potential victim of a crime. And the question is how to avoid this. First of all the present day police should be reorganized. The wages of policemen should be risen. More rewards and privileges should be given them by the government. I think it is very important to make the profession of policeman more popular, because there are too little of them now. And the last policemen should be given a personal training.



"What should be done to avoid crimes in big cities?"

Yafasova Nastya 10 “A”


Nowadays we are doomed to hear the chilling statistic of violence, murders, robbery, smuggling, etc. Speeding up crime rate became one of global problems of humanity. That is why people in all countries are trying to solve this problem.

First, in my opinion, police should be reorganized considerably, because corruption nowadays is a great problem, especially in Russia. To stop bribing, police wages should be risen at least four times. It will be helpful.

Second, measures of penalty should be done crueler. Present day criminals are not afraid to be sent to prison, because our laws are too soft.

Third, people should be given good psychology upbringing, they should be proud of their country, they should respect all people and themselves so they couldn't even think about crime.

Fourth, television should also be changed in some parts. Scenes with violence and gore can be seen any time and by everyone. Watching of such films influence greatly on nervous system, especially children.

Fifth, people should be allowed more humanly conditions. Considerable part of offenders set on a life of crime because of unbearable conditions they live in. High rate of unemployment, low wages, high cost of living and other problems should be solved to beat the crime rate.

Sixth, petty offenders shouldn't be sent to prison, where they acquire more criminal experience, they should be hired to community service — unpaid social work.

To avoid crimes in big cities we must understand what makes people to commit them. Only when we solve all problems we could beat the crime rate and our life will be quite and safe.



What should be done to avoid crimes in big cities?

Selivanova Ann 10 “A”


No matter what reason instigates people commit crimes. It may be because of the widening gap between the middle class and those living below the poverty line, breaking down family life or bad guarding of the estate, but all this reasons have something in common. Crimes are done because of the profit which offender gets, because of the money.

Scientists created a system without cash money. If cash wouldn't be put in circulation, some crimes wouldn't be, e.g. corruption and bribing would stop. But such system wouldn't stop mugging, burglary, house-breaking and vandalism.

In ideal, people wouldn't have even a thought about committing crimes. Society has to care about morality and virtuous upbringing of modern youth. Nowadays we note that for young, unfortunately, the most important is not mature point of view, but coeval's one. If person wouldn't need drugs, he wouldn't burglar and kill for them. Nowadays a lot of rock groups e.g. preach life without drugs, we see that such influence has results.

So, committing crimes nowadays is extended problem, that is why we must realize, it can't be solved by "couple of laws". We mast change way of thinking of the nowadays offenders and of the simple civilians, especially of the youth.



What should be done to avoid crimes in big cities?

Pahomova Julia. 10 "A"


There are about 6.7 million people in the world today. They need in more space and freedom. That is why we can watch a large number of quarrels and rows every day. Some people try to solve these problems with words, others commit crimes.

The major cause of crimes nowadays is the widening gap between the middle class and those living below the poverty line. In my opinion social conditions for some people are unbearable. There are too many unemployment people that can't find the job. So we need in more working places for them and normal wages. As they spend a lot of money for food, children, runs into a lot of extra expenses paying for public transport, snacks and sometimes entertainment, their wages should be raised. Children must go to school and get spiritual upbringing at home instead of being caught red handed in mugging, burglary or drug peddling.

Not only unemployment people, but also workers need in money. Teachers, doctors, firemen, policemen, etc. don't want to work for such low wage and commit crimes.

Unhappy families, violence on TV and gore causes crime. Our school-children don't know what to do after school and often mix in the street gangs, who are very often caught and punished.

From my point of view government should pay more attention on it Petty offenders are sent to prison and acquire more criminal experience. Thus by the time they come out again they may be sent on a life of crime again.

I think that a man himself is able to find a way out of this serious problem. Parents must teach their children to be kind with others and go to their aim themselves.

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