Laws and Punishment

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Laws and punishment in modern society

Ruzanova Julia 10 “A”


In every country and society people collide with different kinds of crimes. Sociologists are trying to find the best and more democratic way to punish criminals. There are such kinds of crimes as: murders, assaults, robbery, burglary, sexual offenses, thefts, smuggling, mugging, house-breaking and drug peddling. Punishment of offender depends of the infringement of the law. It is divided into crimes and offences (civil, administrative and disciplinary). Offenders of crimes are sentence to life or temporary imprisonment, conditional discharge, penalty or sometimes death punishment. I think that violence itself is a very vicious circle. When petty offenders are sent to prison they are generally kept in unbearable conditions, they may lose their jobs, their homes or even their families. Moreover, acquire more criminal experience. Thus by the time they come out again they may be set on a life of crime again. Therefore some punishments are not very weighty.

Nowadays there are governmental organs which main function is to protect legality, fought with criminality and other infringements of the law. These organs are: court, prosecuting and organs of inside cases, security, justice, arbitration. In our country they all are based on Constitution of Russian Federation. There are some kinds of courts: Supreme Court, Court of Assizes, Court of Referees, region courts, etc.

Some people consider that courts must be more rigid and sentence the criminals to death penalties or life imprisonment of solitary confinement. I don't think so about death punishments. In our country it is called moratorium, but it isn't applying.

Terrorism that became one of the human's troubles of the last years and in the last ten year filled our country compels us to look into universal mirror which is history. Terrorism, started in Russia in 4 April 1866 year with an attempting upon Alexander's II life, became the companion of life during a half of century. It became daily events for hundreds thousands people, it was regularly regenerating, every time taking away more and more lives. Even in this case I don't agree with life penalties and I consider life imprisonment as the most rigid available punishment.

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