I.E.Repin "Portrait of V.V. Stasov"

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I.E. Repin

Portrait “V.V. Stasov” (1883)

Pahomova Maria 8 “A”


I.E. Repin
Portrait of V.V. Stasov (1883)Il'ya Efimovich Repin was a great Russian artist. He played a prominent role in the development of Russian democratic art of the 19-th century. Repin with Kramskoy, Surikov, Ge occupied the central place in the development of new art. Working at all ways of painting, the artist put his main problem to tell truthfully about the soul of Russian people, to show it's typical representatives, to give an idea of the history of the country. The portrait painting is one of the brightest pages of Repin's creations. Expression of people's faces always attracted Repin.

The portrait of V.V. Stasov was drown in 1883. Stasov was an artistic and a musical critic.

At the foreground of the picture is represented an old man. His head is covered by grey hair and he has a long, bushy, grey-haired beard and moustaches. As he is very old, he began to lose his hair. His eyebrows are thin. Grey eyes are old, with wrinkly eyelids, and expressive. They are looking at us with a great interest. Repin with a skill gave them alive looks. Stasov has a long and straight nose, that makes his appearance more firm, strong-willed and persistent. He is dressed in a dark-green coat and a snow-white shirt. By the portrait we can say that Stasov was a clever, serious, interest person. He was a firm, but fair man.

On the background there is something, looking like an old rough wall. In the real life, perhaps, it is monotonous, but Repin found hundreds of colors and tones. But in the left upper corner of the canvas we can notice the artist's signature and the year of this picture.



1)      What role did I.E. Repin play in the development of Russian art?

2)      Who occupied the central place in the development?

3)      In what ways did he work?

4)      How is Repin characterized as a painter?

5)      Whose portraits did Repin create?

6)      Why did he want to tell truthfully about the life?

7)      Why did Repin write portraits more often?

8)      What attracted Repin in people's faces?

9)      What can we see at the foreground of the picture?

10)   When was the portrait of Stasov drawn?

11)   This man has an attractive appearance, hasn't he?

12)   What kind of eyes does he have?

13)   What colour are his eyes?

14)   Are they expressive?

15)   What characterizes Stasov as a firm, strong-willed and persistent person?

16)   In what clothes is he dressed?

17)   What color is it?

18)   Can we say something about the character of the man?

19)    Is he a clever or serious, interest or boring person?

20)    What is situated at the background of the picture?

21)    Is it a wall or stuff?

22)    How many colors did Repin find in that wall?

23)    We can't see the signature of the artist, can we?

24)    What can you say about the creation of Repin?

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